Arsenal vs Man City (Community Shield) 1-1

Arsenal vs Man City

:stadium: Wembley
:spiral_calendar: Sunday 2023-08-06T15:00:00Z
:soccer: FA Community Shield


  • Arsenal win (90 mins)
  • Draw
  • Man City win (90 mins)
  • Arsenal win penalty shootout
  • Man City win penalty shootout

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We winning the first trophy of the season or what? Gotta end this losing streak against the bald :goat: too.

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Well that’s this lost.

Fucks sake @Calum why did you not make the thread?

Delete this thread and let’s act like this never happened.

That’s not how the football gods work and you know it.

Also - absolute atrocity of an OP. What in the world were you thinking? :joy:


looking forward to it, very exciting.

Dont care tbh. Pre season

Would rather lose and play percentages. We’ll beat City at some stage this season, let’s not waste it on Saturday.

Unless we win. Then it’s a trophy.

Is it everyone’s first day a football fan on the internet or something?!


Still not a trophy for me. Nobody’s claiming we won a treble in 97/98 :grin:

Well, that’s because they were in different seasons :grinning:we weren’t in the 1997 Charity Shield.


Wow, including community shield to claim doubles and trebles sounds nasty.

I’ll use it next time I want to rile up someone.

Ah bollocks, I misread wikipedia. Thats annoying.

Still not counting it as a fucking trophy lol


This is a tragedy.


Blame Google. I copied it straight from them.

Banned from making match threads :joy:


Supposed the league winner vs the FA Cup winner.
I don’t see why it is not counted as a “trophy”.

So, those “super cups”, “world club cup” are not trophies also?

No worries. I’ll sort it when I get back home.

Need to beat them in October and I don’t believe Sunday will have any bearing on that.

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