Arsenal Vs Liverpool (PL)

Premier League Match 30
Saturday 03 April 2021
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 20:00 :clock8:
:tv: Sky Sports

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Liverpool win

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I did not realise we still had them to play

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Wtf this is not next sunday? Is there another interlull

Think this will be another draw.

4th April. Fuck out you FIFA wankers

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Arsenal will rise again at Easter!



I hate Liverpool, I’m not sure I have mentioned this before… bastards


And they’re f’ckin Scouse, too.


Please rest players for the love of god

By players I mean Saka, Tierney, ødegaard, Auba.

Why? The game is in 14 days. Smack these dippers up would be pretty satisfying.


Because they’re dirty stinking fouling bastards

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My main concern rn is us not winning EL and end in 7th place. Cuz you know what that means.

Mine is we finish 8th and Liverpool finish 7th but win the CL and we take their place. Could happen.

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If we get into the Conference league I hope the club kindly declines the offer and gives the spot to the next club in the table.

Not how it works.

OP needs an update

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Need to update your post sham

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Can’t they just rearrange the home fixture v Liverpool for Good Friday?


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No idea what to expect. In their last eight league matches they’ve really only put in one good performance and that was against Sheffield United, who’ll make anybody look good. But I think the international break probably helps them reset a bit. I’m hoping they have one eye on the CL tie with Real.