Arsenal vs Liverpool (PL) 3-1

Arsenal vs Liverpool

:stadium: Emirates Stadium
:date: Sunday 2024-02-04T16:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Liverpool win

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Liverpool will come into this one knowing if they beat us, our title challenge will be in jeopardy, especially if they win against Chelsea at home, which I expect them to. I would like to think of this as a must win for us, even though a draw won’t be the end of the world, for either team.

The way I see it, Liverpool play really good counter attacking football, and we are susceptible at the back and that’s how Liverpool will play this one. Not overdo the press, look to draw us into their half and then make a swift counter.

1-0 Arsenal will do, even if we have to deploy a deep-block on them.

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Arsenal win 2-0

Chelsea hopefully beat them tonight aswell for some double capital punishment


If we score early we kill them. Gotta take out chances this time.

I’m going to say Arsenal win this 2-1, Liverpool are due a loss and if we aren’t so wasteful this is a very good chance of being the loss.

Should be a beauty.

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We scored in the 4th minute last time, didn’t seem to help much

Anfield is a different game

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There’s more pressure on us being at home and the media will be wanting a Klopp win, especially against us.
But although it won’t be easy, they are without Salah so we should get something from this game.

Liverpool will be eight points ahead, if they win their game in hand against Chelsea then beat us, so if we want to stay in the title race, we have to win.

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Will Trent be back for this?

Yep, all of them will be.

Him and Robertson probably start.

Both on the bench tonight

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Is it the last 5 PL games have been draws, or something?

we have way more incentive and motivation to beat them.

Yep with 2 Asthma pumps


Doubt Salah will be.

We also kind of need to beat them.

A draw doesn’t knock us out of anything but a loss does and a draw doesn’t help us claw any of that gap back. They’re not dropping many points so we have to do it ourselves.


I truly believe we have the ability to beat them, just up to the lads.


We can absolutely get at their defense but much like the US economy which (apparently) has amazing metrics but bad vibes, I think our attack is in a similar spot.

We had all the ball for 70 or 80 minutes against Forrest but I just didn’t really see a ton to get excited about. The goals were great, but they looked very comfortable for at least a half. And for all the talk about our amazing chance creation, we had something like 1.5xg and scored two goals. They had .5 or something like that and scored 1 goal. We’re still fucking around with small margins.

I can’t really explain what’s happened to Martinelli this season either. I’d love to blame is on us buying Havertz and playing him at the left eight but he didn’t even start yesterday!

I’d be way more confident going into this match if we had any sort of rhythm but it still felt pretty clunky last night.

And for all the talk of Salah being unavailable, Jota seems to always score against us, doesn’t he?

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If we were to go a whole season without beating them, questions need to be asked. 3-1 Arsenal.