Arsenal Vs Liverpool (Community Shield)

So our first game of pre season is the community shield :joy: 2020 is a fucking messed up year

Who will lift the famous shield?

  • Arsenal
  • Liverpool

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I put Arsenal, but only because I think Liverpool will give even less of a fuck about it than we do. Klopp probably won’t even turn up!


We’re only just back in training today aren’t we? :joy:

We aren’t going to take this seriously, are we?

Arsenal should field an eleven full of academy players/graduates.

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Why is this a fortnight before the league starts?

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Because Wenger isn’t here anymore, does the Community Shield still count as a major trophy? :grinning:

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If we win its a trophy, if we lose its a friendly. That’s how it works.


Was wondering the same thing.

Anyway, inconsequential game. Can’t read too much into a win, a loss will give the doubters more fuel. At the end, as long as we don’t pick up any injuries (being the first game in a few weeks), am okay with whatever the outcome.

Because there are international fixtures the week in between


Pretty much it. WGAF? Wembley is a second home for us. Arsenal win.

Now this really is a friendly to gain some match fitness ahead of the season.

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So f*cking glad there is football again!

So strange that this will be our only pre-season game.

Shirtless players will make it more exciting though :bergkamp:

Will anyone actually watch this?

  • Yes of course it’s The Arsenal
  • I specifically bought a month of BT for this game despite claims to the contrary
  • Maybe, if I’ve finished Netflix by then
  • I am washing my hair
  • No

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I’m at the beach that weekend, a long awaited break at last. Don’t care much about this game.

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Going out in the afternoon and then to my friends new flat on Saturday. I’ll check the score on twitter and here.

Don’t think it I’ll miss much

I’ll be on a 4-5 hour train journey to Scotland while the game is on, so will watch as part of my onboard entertainment

Lolpool have been in training for weeks. It will be a bloodbath. Kneejerk reactions incoming anyway when we loose.


I noticed @Bl1nk and @Cristo voted “washing my hair”. With their luscious locks, I’m pretty certain they’re not even joking!