Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


Luca probably wears his lucky shirt, along with lucky underpants, and avoids anything to do with the number 13, not walking under ladders to avoid any bad luck. Although it hasn’t helped at all with Ferrari :ramsey:


I find that not wearing underwear is lucky for me… :henry2:

I do like a good superstition though. Remember when Kolo Toure and Gallas missed the start of the second half in one of our Champions League matches years ago? Gallas was receiving treatment (I think) and Toure couldn’t go on the pitch until Gallas was done because his superstition meant he had to be the last man to re emerge, so the second half started without them :arteta:

Also, on the subject of underwear, I remember Mutu once said he wore his underwear inside out because that way no harm would come to him.


It clearly worked absolute wonders for his career what with the drugs ban lol.


Just because it’s you. I think you bring us bad luck :mustafi:


Luca I’ve made about 75 percent of the match threads for this season :wink:


And even then, you’ve only lost one match so far, which argubly we should’ve at least got a draw out of it! Luca should put more faith into his Scottish Irn Bru :kos2:


Is this a thing haha? Is it not just irn bru? :joy:

But yeah I agree. Luca :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:


I was trying to say it, as if it were Luca saying it to you :poldi:




Ok, hope you are right again :wink:


Fek me still ages to this game. Damn you LOLternational break !


Should have waited to open this thread.


International breaksZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


We may have another arsenal free week again but next week we have three games to make up for it :heart_eyes: (Monday, Thursday, Sunday)


Need to step up badly. Tough period.


Taking too long ffs. Only so many times I can re-watch the Fulham hammering.


Fucking sick and tired of these shit breaks. Why so many.

Bastard fuckers have like 2 or 3 extended breaks a year or something because these constant once are dogfucking shit.

I hate being reminded just how prehistoric and shite Scotland are every month or so.

I’m bored out my damn mind.


The scottish shouldn’t have opened it so early.


Luca it makes no difference when you open it if it’s our next match.

Why are you so weird with this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


the only positive thing about these pussy ass breaks is it makes me appreciate propper football even more when it returns. Burnley - Huddersfield suddenly becomes eatable.