Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


Our first Monday night game of the season. Wonder if it will be as entertaining as this fixture from last season :giroud3:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Leicester win

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I’ll say Gunners 3-1, hopefully we don’t return jaded from the international break.

Too early lol! Should win this easily though.

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We need and should be winning this if we want to get top 4. Leicester still have a threat but we should be winning this. Fingers crossed we don’t get serious injuries over the international break. Plus as Aussiegooner said we don’t come back jaded either. But seen as we don’t play until the Monday, a few players should be rested up and ready to go.

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Why is too early? It’s our next game lol

How many of our players go on international break these days anyway?

Ramsey (Don’t know if he go this time cause of his wife having twins any day now)

I don’t know if Laca, Mustafi, Bellerin have been recalled yet or not. If not then they be resting up. Same with Leno. We have a few that should be rested up for the two weeks, even the ones who have been called up might not even play for their countries.

Given Laca’s form, you think he’d have earned a call up. Deschamps really doesn’t fancy him, does he?!

Monreal hasn’t been called up.

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Game still an eternity away, fucking international break. I don’t like. Working all week to look forward to Holland playing Germany and Belgium? Yeah fuck that. Stupid Nations League. Yuck.

Anyway I think we’ll win this one.


Don’t worry, same thing will happen in Novermber as well… :gabriel:

For some reason I think our passing dysfunction will hurt us in this game and it will be another grind… our newfound defensive solidity and luck will hold though. Good ole fashioned 1-0 to the Arse.

2 weeks away :slight_smile:

Wait a moment! Monday night and then we play on thursday night again? :bellerin:

Blame the scottish for opening it too early.

Yes but it’s our next game so it’s not too early :wink:

City will get a result. Either 1-1 or 1-2.

4-0 but I might revise it to 6-0 if we come through the international break without any injuries.

Let’s hope it is not gonna bring us bad luck :xhaka:

Why would it bring us bad luck. This is such a ridiculous thing to be angry about Luca :joy::joy: