Arsenal Vs Leeds United (PL)

Premier League Match 24
Sunday 14 February 2021
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 16:30 :clock430:
:tv: Sky Sports

Who’s ready for some disappointment on Valentines Day?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Leeds United win

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Arsenal won’t break my heart on Valentine’s Day

Just can’t be fucked with it at the moment, after our mini run we’re back to taking 1 points from 9.

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stay in bed pal

This has 0-0 inexplicably written all over it. Arteta will set up a scared lineup to try to nullify Leeds.I expect the Elneny-Xhaka double pivot, maybe even Willian as a defensive winger. He’ll do basically anything to try to stop the slide by grinding out a result.

0-0 against Marcelo Bielsa? Ambitious.


That’s the inexplicable part of my prediction.

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I fucking hate Leeds.

Just in case that wasn’t clear.


Remember when they were going to redo their badge into that weird fist salute thing which I don’t care what anyone says it :100: looks like a White Power thing. Yeah. Leeds sucks. Their fans suck. Bielsa is amazing though. Wish he hadn’t soiled his reputation by getting in bed with such a gross club.

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He has too ne brave in this one. Needs to give the Norwegian a game and take them on.
We go pragmatic and slow we will get overrun. 2 1 win if we are bold because Leeds are average at the back.
3 1 defeat if there’s no midfield invention and tactical change .

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Leeds are better than us.

This will be their first statement win against a big 6 team since promotion

Arsenal 2-1.

If we lose, how long until the board actually start to consider sacking this guy?


Wait If we lose does that mean we are a solid 4 points in the bottom half whilst having played the most games…Jesus christ, with our schedule this is a massive must win for us.

City spurs west ham pool Leicester are our next lot of games…prayers

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Leeds aren’t great defensively at all. If we don’t score at least two goals we are shit.

No chance he goes whilst we are still in the EL.


Sad reality.

There is a real urgency about our board and they won’t tolerate losing consecutive three games to other mid table sides.

So I fully expect the board to tentatively, start to think about the possibility of maybe calling a meeting at the end of the season to discuss the idea of perhaps not renewing Arteta’s conract.

But if we don’t get relegated he will be fine and leading us into a new season of mediocrity…


According to some athletic article from last year, top 4 was the target this year.

So 15th should really lead to a sacking

We have one of the easiest run ins at the end of the season and even if we are just below half way in the PL now we’ll probably get enough points in our last few matches to finish in the top half and maybe just outside the top six places.

This will persuade the board that Arteta is turning it round and is the right man for the job.
So, even if we are playing poorly and scraping wins, it won’t make any difference to how the board react.

As long as we’re in the EL places then Arteta will keep his job and will be going nowhere which, ironically, is where he’s taken the club since he became manager.