Arsenal vs Huddersfield Town (PL)


Arsenal vs Huddersfield Town
Wednesday Nov 29 - 19:45
Emirates Stadium

Let’s keep this run going!


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Huddersfield Town win

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Good news everyone :sunglasses:


wish he would leave the club, sick of the sight of him utter waste of the clubs time.


Be nice to see us in our home top for once! Swear we’ve worn the two away tops more this season :joy:

2-0 win to keep the recent good league form going!


Think we will win, just hope we don’t play a sloppy first half and make it difficult for ourselves. We need a comfortable game before we host United on Saturday.


This should be our easiest game of the season.
Apart from their opening game against Crystal Palace, they haven’t scored away from home, and have only got a point.
If we score early, we should win this 3-0, or more.


Well they have a lot to do to match the shambles that is Everton. I reckon even the likes of Kidderminster Harriers could beat them at the moment!

But yeah you’re right about Huddersfield’s away record. Losing 4-0 to 10-Man Bournemouth wasn’t their finest hour.


Let’s keep our 100% record at home. C’mon you Gunners!


Hope for a big win, tbh.


You sure? You wouldn’t prefer another 92nd min penalty victory?


Walcott should start this match. Creates a lot of opportunities to score and right now Laca isn’t getting the job done.



Holding Mustafi Monreal

Bellerin Elneny Ramsey Kolasinac

Iwobi Sanchez


Just a bit of rotation.


I dreamt we lost to Bournemouth 4-2 after being 2-0 up and woke up in a foul mood this morning.

Make of that what you will!!


Stop smoking weed.


We’re playing Huddersfield though not Bournemouth :wink:


I know, but still!


Assuming Ozil misses out again, would you start Wilshere tonight? Possibly ahead of Iwobi?

  • Yes, start Wilshere
  • No, bring him on 2nd half
  • Don’t play him at all

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If Ozil isn’t playing then why not?
Players like Wilshere don’t play in a comfort zone like some of our other fringe players, he plays to win.
If he’s not having a good game I’m sure Wenger will have hid stop watch at the ready to bring on Iwobi.


I’d love to play him, just not sure I’d want to play him in that Iwobi role so far forward.


I would like Jack and Xhaka in the middle. Ramsey looks tired at the moment.