Arsenal vs Huddersfield Town (PL)


Yeah, Huddersfield at home is the perfect game to do it.


With Man United coming up on Saturday, it’s probably worth rotating 2 or 3 players to be honest. I’m not saying Huddersfield will be a walkover, but even with a couple of first teamers rested, we should still have enough to beat them - especially at home.


We should probably only give Lacazette about 59 minutes, just so we avoid a burn out :kos2:

Think we can fiddle with the front 3 for a change. If we’re prepared to give minutes to Iwobi on the left, I’d love to see Nelson have a chance on the right. Özil and Alexis can take a back seat, Laca possibly getting another cameo, do what you want with the right hand side. Ideally Nelson, but with a certain WC player back from illness ( :theo: ), I feel he’ll miss out.
Might even see a Jack/Elneny midfield.


Huddersfield is a well-drilled team with a good manager, I don’t think we can afford to rotate at all, I suspect even with our full-strength XI it will be a close game. Iwobi was good against Burnley, if Mesut isn’t fit start him again, Jack can come on for him when he tires, as he tends to do.


Well drilled at home. Shocking away. I mean, they lost 4-0 to a 10 man Bournemouth for example.

I don’t think resting a couple of players will cause us too much trouble. Our fringe players are not bad. The likes of Welbeck, Wilshere and Per still provide quality.


C’mon Arsenal! Get the 3 points and send the scums 4 points below.


Ehhh. Welbeck no. Per sure but there’s less need to rotate CBs, especially given they are in a good way these 3 at the moment. Wilshere, though I liked his cameo against Burnley, it’s very speculative to say that he offers quality.


You’re being awkward now. Welbeck in our team will not hurt our chances of beating Huddersfield.

If we lose to Huddersfield, it will not be because we left Sanchez or Ramsey out.


Lol what?

Of course he would.

It wouldn’t be the sole cause, but simply put, Welbeck for Sánchez absolutely hurts our chances.


That was just an example. I wasn’t suggesting we should drop Sanchez for Welbeck. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a front three of Wele, Laca and Alexis.

You’re being a hipster/idiot. Really, you know we should beat Huddersfield, even with two changes.


Raaaww…cat-tee! :smirk_cat:

Of course we should, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are barely good enough with our full-strength lineups to beat Swansea at home, or Bournemouth, or Burnley last spring…Huddersfield is no worse than those opponents. There’s nothing hipster at all about what I’m saying, lol…


I’ll apologise to you if we lose.

If we win easily, you have to be my puppet. I’ll send you a picture that you have to make your avi. And you can’t say no. No one says no to me.


Nah, I’m good. :sunglasses:

No one’s saying we’ll lose, anyway…I’ve set aside the evening to watch the game so I’ll be pissed if we lose. Just saying I don’t think we can afford to rotate is all.


So you think it’ll be a challenge?

You’re negative. We don’t like negativity.


It’s Arsenal, so yes, while it’s always possible everything could go right and we could have a rare easy win, the most likely bet is that it will be a challenge. It takes Everton level incompetence, or Hull City pre-Silva last season, for me to feel it won’t be a challenge.


I so hope Giroud starts tonight :sunglasses:


Apparently this aint on TV anywhere?


Can anyone remember the last time we played Huddersfield at the Emirates?

January 2011 we won 2-1 in the FA Cup thanks to a late Fabregas penalty


Remember at the weekend when they said Özil is ill and is out tonigh? Yeah he is starting.


Arsenal XI vs. Huddersfield: Čech; Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal; Bellerín, Ramsey, Xhaka, Kolasinac; Özil, Alexis, Lacazette. #afc