Arsenal Vs FC Vorskla Poltav (UEL)


Reckon Eddie will get a run upfront in this, he should definitely be tested amongst this sort of competition whilst Laca/Auba work it out in the PL.

Smith-Rowe, Holding/Mavro, Leno maybe coming in too.

3-0 Arsenal.


Vorskla Poltav? :joy: that just about sums up our decline…


Want to see Leno on the bench for the bantz.


Mavropanos incoming.



Image Cech still playing and cocking up against some eastern farmers lol!


YES! We finally got him!


#RoadtoBaku starts this Thursday? We should get to the final at least, if Chelsea isn’t met before that.


I’m really intrigued to see Leno in action.

I’m more curious about his ability with the ball at his feet rather than anything else, which is something I’d never thought I’d say even 10 years ago.



No posts in the last three days? The excitement level is reaching fever pitch for this game :arteta:

Going for a straight forward 3-0 win.


Fuck these eastern farmers! Smash them! That’s it :kos2:


That’s nothing compared to last season hah


Haha yes, I noticed this was quite a common pattern when reading through a lot of them recently! At least someone’s taken it upon themselves to make sure there’s a thread ready, no matter how small the game is, so good job Calum :+1:


My lack of posting in here is because I have tried to stop myself thinking about this match. The excitement is palpable and once I start thinking about it, I won’t be able to get any work done!

I wonder who we’ll play at LB given that we only have Monreal. I read that this young LB Dominic Thompson has been in first team training – he hasn’t even made an appearance for the U-23s yet but could be in EL contention. Or we could have Licht out of position again I guess and maybe Pleguezuelo at RB.


Actually looking forward to this game. Interested to see which team we’ll put out and how those players perform.

Roll on 9pm!


I won’t be home from work in time for the kick off so I’m not sure I can even be bothered just tuning in for the second half against this dross :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You know this is a 20:00 kickoff right?


You finish work late Jesus.