Arsenal Vs FC Vorskla Poltav (UEL)


KO: 20:00

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Vorskla Poltav win

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Torreira and Elneny to start in midfield?

Let’s get some line-up predictions in people




Surely Lucas has to start this one :kroenke:


Release ze German keeper. :bellerin:


Image if Martinez played lol!


Not sure we risk Torry - isn’t he still coming back from niggle in Uruguay… I’d rather save him to start and play 90 on weekend.

I’d go with massive rotation and roll the dice personally… how close is AMN to getting back? Kola?


Looking forward to seeing Leno finally


Can’t wait till it’s Martinez :arteta:


You can fuck off @TheSpecialCnut


Tell him!


Was about time someone noticed I vote Arsenal to lose every game.

Except against Spurs, fuck Tottenham.



Cough Calvero cough


Fuck me, I reckon even JBL would be embarrassed to post such a shit meme


I feel like calling that a meme is a bit of a stretch. :thinking:


That is literally a meme, not sure what else you’d call it. Text accompanied picture?

However, I was joking, cos I assume you posted it ironically :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I suppose it is a meme as snowflake is a meme’d phrase. I concede, lol.

And yeah, I absolutely did post it ironically, even liked the post I quoted. :+1:


Arsenal will win, I’ll say 2-0 for some reason I think we’ll keep a clean sheet.


Hope we see the likes Leno, Holding, Elneny and Torreira(more than a half) get some time. Need to keep our players fresh. Not sure if Emery will risk it though. Could see him put a nearly full-strength team and just go for the 3 points the simplest way.