Arsenal vs Everton (PL) 2-1

Clearly anyone who voted that we win the league is a moron.

36-0 to the Arsenal

Including a David Raya hattrick

Btw, if West Ham somehow get something from City and we win the league, I’m donating £300 to OA.


Who will be on his ass like a rottweiler demanding he pays up if it happened?

I think I should be banned if that comes through and I don’t pay up.


Got to love how some broadcasters are still trying to pretend that there is still a title race :smiley:

In 21-22 Villa was completely on the beach by Matchday 38, safe from relegation but having won only 2 of their last 10 fixtures, had a hapless Steven Gerrard setting up the side, and found themselves up 2-0 on City 75 minutes into the game before the late collapse.

I’m not getting my hopes up but I’m not ruling anything out either. Football is weird.


Didn’t they also go there with a couple absentees?
I believe Chambers started the game and Martinez was also out.

Still one of wildest games I’ve seen to the point of match fixing suspicion.
City scored 3 late goals within 5 minutes to turn the game around.

Moyes shithouse incoming :henry2:


COVID season.

Richarlison dancing when celebrating in an empty stadium. Idiot.

Along with @Flexo , I can’t see anything other than an Everton win.

But Arsenal win the league.

Because c💩ty are cunts.

Olise to score the winner. I like him.

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I could never win enough that if city somehow lost to West Ham id be fine with us choking to everton. So no.


is this gonna be televised in the UK? Would have thought this would be on Sky or TNT sports (BT Sports) but doesn’t seem to mention it. I really hope i don’t have to mess about and have to get a crappy stream.

It’s on BT sport mate.

Sky took City.

It’s damn weird how Sky have done it this year.

My understanding is that if we score, they now can’t split screen at the Etihad and show our goal. TNT and Sky don’t have that reciprocal arrangement.

Why not pick the 2 title deciding games, instead of the Klopp love-in and pointless Chelsea?

Apparently TNT had the second pick so they chose us.


Thierry :heart:

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I never seen anyone post about Liverpool in 2019 or 2022 when the title went to the last day lol

one rule for them one rule for Arsenal