Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace (Premier League) 4-1

Sunday 2023-03-19T14:00:00Z

The Emirates Stadium.

Get to the international break 8 points ahead of City.

Cmon!! :red_circle::red_circle:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Palace win

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Our record at home agaisnt Palace isn’t great and they are a bogey side for us even when they are playing bad. After tonight’s result and with extra time and another not so great home performance, I’m not so sure how this one plays out.

I’m going for the win but I wouldn’t be shocked if Palace play out of their skin and get a result. The fans will need to play a major part in this one I think.

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I’ll wait for injury updates before making a call on this.


i want these lot to TURN UP and destroy them, it is the league or bust you better man up and get this done.

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Nothing less than a comprehensive win please boys.


Fucking hell, it’s your birthday man, Arsenal really treated you with some present. :sweat_smile:
I can associate. My birthday is usually associated with Arsenal not winning.
Hope they make it back to you against Palace and open the gap to 8 points.

They sounded great on my tv feed. Think an early goal settles the nerves. We go behind early (yes I know they struggle for goals), they’ll dig in and things start getting twitchy.

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Palace haven’t won in 2023 and have only scored 5 goals in 12 fixtures. Bare minimum it’s a scrappy win. Unless Zaha decides he’s a footballer again.

We lost to a hopeless Everton and drew to hopeless Southampton this season.

Bournemouth almost beat us at home and slapped Liverpool last weekend.

Palace are awful I agree but they can actually be tough to break down. They would’ve gotten something out of City if Olise didn’t gift them a pen.

Pressure on Vieira is huge, playing for his job really. Although, that could end up working in our favour if some of those players want him gone which unfortunately for Paddy, I think some of them are waiting for that.

Just think this match up even in context will favour the team going for it. Losing this game I’d honestly put up there with Everton if it happens. Palace are rancid.

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If we play like should, we will beat them.

Goes without saying but essential we start strong.


Last 4 meetings vs Palace at the Emirates

Arsenal 2-2 Palace
Arsenal 0-0 Palace
Arsenal 2-2 palace
Arsenal 2-3 Palace.

I originally thought it was going to be a comfortable win, but 120 minutes last night and the potential of Holding starting makes me less sure.

Arsenal 2-1 Palace.

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Tight win I think.

We haven’t played them at home since 2021 and that was a 2-2 draw. Don’t think we can use that as a marker given how different and better we are this season and how utterly spineless Palace are. They barely create chances, let alone score them. We should just be brushing them aside.

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Honestly win this game and I can forget about the EL exit.

After internationals come back for a 10 game 2 month charge for the title.

We’re different side with Saka, Partey and Odegaard playing from the start.


Patrick Vieira is sacked. Great timing…

FFS…dont be like Everton

Of course it was just before our game. They could have waited for international break. Perhaps they were concerned about Paddy wanting us to win the league :sweat_smile:


Yay another manager bounce shit cunt of a game

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