Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace (PL)

Shit full backs and Xhaka back. COYG!! :roll_eyes:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Crystal Palace win but also an Arsenal win as Emery is sacked

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F*ck. That is all.

We’ll win because we have to win. Too much scrutiny comes Emery’s way if we don’t beat these again.

Be a few post marathon beers deep by the time this one kicks off :slight_smile:


What are you running?

A marathon. :gunnersaurus:

Dublin City Marathon on Sunday.


Good on ya.

Aiming for 3.5hrs?

Under 4 is the aim.


Good luck! That’s super quick :blush:

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Got a horrible feeling that zaha is gonna be in the ‘see what your missing type of form’ he is gonna fuck us in the ass without lube aint he :santi:

Going to say score draw, very hard to predict a win given our current level of performance.

Honestly think Pepe’s goals will give everyone a lift and Tierney plays we do these with two before half time.
Going for a 4 1 win.

As Corporal Jones says “Don’t panic, don’t panic”

It’s only a resurgent Palace we’re playing again on Sunday.

Hopefully it’ll be a win for us this time.

I think we win but I’m not overly confident even though we always seem to be fine at home.

Emery needs a win and a impressive one at that. Another scrappy and unimpressive win and it won’t fill much confident with the fanbase. For me Tierney and Holding must start, as well as Laca. I even start a midfield of Torreira, Guendouzi and Ceballos, he won’t but I think it’s time he changed the midfield up. Defensively I don’t want to see Sokratis or Kolasinac playing.

If he starts with Xhaka, Sokratis and Kolasianc we could really struggle

2-1 Arsenal.

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They’ll expose us on the break as they’ve done to us and other top 6 sides away before.

Score draw.

Benteke hattrick incoming. Cant see us winning this one tbh. Wenger IN

Lol I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have this little confidence towards an upcoming home fixture against a bottom 10 opposition.

I reckon we scrape another 2-1 win where we walk away just being thankful we somehow got the 3 points

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Can’t see a win because they will keep us on the back foot after scoring first. We will come back late in second half to equalise when their tiring, a draw against CP what a state we’ve in FFS

The only way to beat CP is to outscore them by attacking them.

0-2 Palace

Palace win I’ll go 1-3

Have voted for a draw. Emery is gonna go full defensive mode for this one. Palace fucked us last time and knowing Emery’s loser mentality, he will pack the line up with DMs. Expecting Xhaka, Guen and Torreira to start. As for the back, would be surprised if he starts either Tierney or Holding. Same goes for starting both Laca and Auba.

Expecting another boring as fuck game from us. Looking forward to the Formula 1 race more than this game TBH.

Having said all that, I think anything other than a win and we can expect boos and/or banners to come out. Emery will definitely not get the patience that Arsene got, and rightly so.