Arsenal Vs Crvena Zvezda (Europa League)


Can some people log in please. The khardasians are currently under discussion :gabriel:


Are you still with us? Or have you died from boredom and overpriced Carlsberg?



Quite why anyone would want to discuss this any further is beyond me though.



I was impressed with Debuchy

I was not impressed with Theo

That is all.


Fair result. We can’t always have Giroud to save us.


I was the only to call a draw :coq:



I thought the worst Arsenal game I watched was the away fixture two weeks ago. Seems I was wrong and it’s tonight. Awful.


“Look, we are qualifying by playing players out of the position. I am a genius!”.

C’mon, it was a bit expected in the end.


At home against a semi-professional team, and could not score any shit…

Someone like Ty please come out and say some positive things on this team and performance.


Man, you can’t score with Walcock in the team. They guy can barely play football these days. Awful player.


This shit game put me in such a sleepy mood I have to wait until tomorrow to listen to the new run the jewels… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Meh we’re qualified and fielded a 2nd/3rd team, irrelevant result




Prepare life after Ozil and Sanchez gone…


I watched Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.


I only got to watch the first 30 mins due to work, can’t wait to get home & watch the replay. A point and clean sheet at home to European powerhouse Red Star :ok_hand:


Finally realizing Walcock is shit?


I do like people who don’t give a fuck about the Europa League, then say “Fuck off! We are shit! Should have beaten Red Star 8-0!”.