Arsenal Vs Crvena Zvezda (Europa League)


Triggered :wink:


I give a fuck about it, I’ve said it all season it should be our no 1 priority.


Try not to provoke me anymore. I can’t stand you :wink:


Was it better than his Emirates ones.




Thei played good all our good attacks were because of him as usual. Didn’t get much service though.

Oh and btw Red Star looked good, probably better than Madrid this year tbh.


Pathetic how wasters like Coquelin and Walcott are taking vital minutes from interesting prospects like Nelson and AMN in their preferred positions.


Coquelin is another one who doesn’t look like a player.


That’s the wrong attitude to take, because like it or not they’re more experienced players and if we get a couple of injuries to our starting line-up they’re going to be right back in the mix and it makes sense to give Walcott and Coquelin regular minutes so they don’t get too rusty once our inevitable run of injuries start coming thick and fast.

Plenty of youth players have been getting plenty of minutes in the LC and EL, our back-up players also need to be kept up to speed.

Walcott and Coquelin stepping in when needed in the PL with their experience is still a better shout than throwing whatever u-19 we’ve managed to overhype straight to the wolves and watch their confidence shatter/set their development back because they’re out of their element against well-drilled PL opposition.


The crowd booing a second string team full of teenagers that haven’t lost a game so far in Europe and qualified with 2 games to spare is atrocious IMO


Why would they do that? They should be applauding them. :facepalm:


Because they are fucking morons


The thing is if you read this current thread you kind get the same sort of vibe.


I agree. That draw got as through to the next round – that’s the important thing here. I prefer the fans who left early. Sticking around just to boo a 17 year old is pathetic.


Think the boos have more to do with not winning the league title in over a decade than this isolated game full of teenagers.


So if the kids had won 3-0 last night their would have still been boos at the final whistle?

Why arnt their boos after every game we win if that’s the case?


I don’t think not winning the league is reason enough to boo the likes of Nelson and Nketiah though. We want those lads to thrive. They’re supposed to be our future. If they’re being booed off the pitch, how do you think that’ll make them feel? It just didn’t seem the right occasion for fans to express their anger.


Just saying the relationship between the fans and the club is at an all time low, especially after the AGM. Certain fans will always boo after a poor result regardless of who is playing.


And they are wankers because of that, Any fan that boos a bunch of kids that has actually done very well so far is a mug I don’t care about their reasoning


The lack of creativity in the squad behind Ozil and Sanchez starts to become incredibly frustrating. Even with those two on the pitch our football can be quite boring, but when it’s only Wilshere who has too carry the creative load we become unwatchable. Willock tried some stuff, but obviously isn’t ready either,