Arsenal Vs Crvena Zvezda (Europa League)



That front three is the stuff of nightmares.


Fucking Walcunt over Super Eddie. Least play players we are interesting in watching…


Macey just played one League Cup game…


We can’t call liverpool lolpool because it’s childish, yet you call one of our very own “Walcunt”. Seems legit :xhaka:


@Persona disagrees with you, you bloody chilean.


Meh. He’s 25. He shouldn’t still be pissing about as 3rd choice here or second choice somewhere else. He should just go to the level he’ll get time at if he has any interest in having an actual playing career.

Fucking hell Macey is 23!!! And Illev is 22. Christ.


:joy::joy::joy: ye raging I?


I think once we’ve secured the group tonight, we’ll see the younger ones in the last two group matches. And hopefully we’ll see Nelson in a position that isn’t RWB. It’s great to get minutes under your belt of course, but he is not an f-ing wingback!


No he doesn’t. :eyes:


What about Jack? :cech:


Good, that means I’m right.


Yeah i am, this type of fan is pretty much the reason Arsenal supporters are well knows as a laughing stock. Our manager and team hold their head high amd have some self respect atleast. Arsenal supporters are self defeatist sad bunch. Depresses me actually.


He doesn’t belong in such an advanced position. Giroud and Feeo suck.



Yea, exactly. Gotta play some seniors until qualification is fully secure.


:joy::joy::joy: k


Not quite Cologne style. Amateurs.


MDC open!



Red Star fans looking quite impressive