Arsenal Vs Chelsea (The FA Cup Final)

Saturday 02 August 2020
Wembley Stadium
KO: 17:30 :clock530:
:tv: BBC One and BT Sport

A remake of the 2017 final and the meeting of two of the last three winners.


COYG! 2-1 Arsenal like 2017 all over again :red_circle::red_circle:

  • Arsenal to win in 90 minutes
  • Arsenal to win in extra time
  • Arsenal to win on penalties
  • Chelsea to win in 90 minutes
  • Chelsea to win in extra time
  • Chelsea to win on penalties

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Can’t believe in another successive season we find ourselves in a position to win a final to salvage this season. Bad omen.

We gotta win this.


If we win this. We only have 28 days of an “off season”

The 20/21 Community Shield is on 30th August :joy:

Voting for a pen win… feel our best chance is to keep it tight and hit on counter… avoid stupid mistakes (lmao yeah right). This would put us clear #1 in FA Cups too.

Shorter the better.

Very concerned about this one, Arteta is going 343 and chelsea are going to dominate midfield.

Giroud will be a menace in the defensive third

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Dear Mikel,

Please channel the shit show spirit of 2005 and bring the cup home.

We don’t care how you do it.



Yeah it’s going to have to be another 2005 style shithouse if we are to win this.

It could go either two ways:

1.) Villa, Brighton, Watford


2.) Liverpool, Wolves, Man City

Given the humiliating spanking they gave us last season in the EL final, I can only see another defeat on the horizon.

This team does not have what it takes at all.

The 2017 squad had at least won the FA Cup twice in 3 years before that final.

Exactly what’s gonna happen but we do seem to play better with less of the ball when we park the bus and emulate Mourinho ball. We just have to hope we get lucky and they don’t take the any of the chances we are going to inevitably give them.

Sadly I’m going to have to go for a Chelsea win, it just seems to good to be true for us to walk away with a trophy this season.

That’s a strange way to spell predictably.

Anyway, I dunno, it depends which Arsenal turns up. I suspect and hope it will be the team that’s turned up for Arteta in big games this season. Whether that’s enough to win I don’t know. It wasn’t when we played well against them at home earlier this season. But it’s definitely not a forgone conclusion.

Yeah I think it’s far from a forgone conclusion and I never thought we’d beat Man City in the SF, so fingers crossed we have 1 more big win us.


If we can beat Man City, we can beat Chelsea. It’s hard yes, but possible.


Going into the EL final last year we had massive small dick energy and were on a terrible run.

This year our dicks are bigger, our run isn’t as bad and we have a manger the team believes in.

I think we win.


we will win this final, quote me on this and give me 50 likes

I’d love to help u achieve that if it came true but I don’t think there are 50 active users here my dood :joy::joy:


There are :slight_smile: Much more than that

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Easy win.

Just a shame that Spurs didn’t get that 7th place. Would have been nice to take the European place away from them, especially now we know how much it means to them. Though, if we do win the FA Cup, we bump them down to the qualifying round of the EL. That’s something at least.

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Nah, EL is gonna be a toll next season. We don’t want Mou having extra days to prepare.