Arsenal Vs Chelsea (PL)

Arteta’s first win as Arsenal manager at his first game at The Emirates vs Chelsea in our last game of 2019? :heart_eyes:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Chelsea win

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WTF - going with a win… Chelsea are up and down too… losing today to Soton 2-0, at home.

Chelsea are better away. I think they’ll do to us what they did to Spurs at the weekend – stop us doing our thing (whatever that is at the moment) and leave with a 2-0 win.

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Chelsea only lose to shit teams at home, maybe we could ask the game to be moved to Stamford Bridge ?

Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea.

If the same tried and tested failure start, you already know.

I can already tell you one of: Lacazette/Xhaka/Sokratis/Luiz will let us down.

Can only see a loss

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FWIW their league form last 6 is actually worse than ours lol.

Same points with 1 worse GD :arteta:

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Great to kick-start a our confidence. B2B wins against Chelsea and Utd and we’re back in it.

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Yeah but their performances against spurs was miles better than anything we’ve produced all season, so let’s hope that Chelsea doesn’t turn up.

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Draw again

I hope Ceballos is back for the next 2 games.

on Mesut Ozil’s performance…
To be fair his attitude in training since the day that I walked in the building has been incredible. I’ve seen this. I’ve said that I was going to give a clean slate to everybody and it was fair to give it to him. When we did the game preparation and were watching the opponents, where we could hurt them, we believed that he could be a key point. We prepared the game like this with him. He responded, did what he had to do, and we could’ve scored two or three goals because of him.

Thinking from the Willock sub and these comments that he’ll probably prefer a trivote for Chelsea. Probably unrealistic to think Ceballos will make his first start without even having come off the bench? Will Guendouzi finally play? (Where is he?!)

Need to play less youngsters if other players are available. They will run at us and we must not get stuck playing 80min in defence mode.
Let’s start on the front foot and force their attack back if not best we can get at this stage of transition is a draw imo.

Their form is so shit, but they’ve still beat Spurs at their place…kind of looking forward to this game. But at the same time I fear for a 0-2 loss.

We gonna smash them. 4-3 to the Arsenal

Ahem, have you seen us this season? :wink:
It must be an easy win for us then.

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But this isn’t at Stamford Bridge :cry:

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Luiz and Chambers probably tomorrow.

Hope Ceballos, Martinelli and Bellerin can feature.


I’m sure there are reasons for them not to do that every week. But don’t care. King Mikel. Clearly the best manager since sliced bread.


There are reasons to win here.

Vengeance for Baku.
London derby at home.
Arteta’s first home game.
3 points to pull away from relegation.

Anything other than a win and we should be disappointed.