Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL) 5-0!

Arsenal vs Chelsea

:stadium: Emirates Stadium
:calendar: Tuesday 2024-04-23T19:00:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Chelsea win

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We need to reclaim some fortitude at home again. Chelsea are flakey and can definitely be beaten.

Win in any which way please lads.


I don’t like the way that I feel about this game at all.

Chelsea are starting to gel a bit more. Obviously Palmer is a threat.

We’re still miles better. And at home, we should be winning irrespective of who visits.

Both teams will be massively up for this. Chelsea don’t have the defensive structure / discipline to do a Villa or Bayern against us. Should make for a good game.

3-1 Arsenal.


Win this and it sets up the NLD as one of the biggest games this season.

Also what’s interesting is that City don’t play their game in hand against Spurs (A) until the last week of the season.

We have the ability to stay ahead of them all the way through to the final few days.


I’m worried about Palmer, he’s on red-hot form and wish he was in our team.

That said, Chelsea can’t finish for shit so I think we’ll win this one.

Hattrick of pens for cold palmer :cold_face: and Arsenal out the tittie race

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Would’ve rather they put that spurs game on 1st may so they had 7 days of painful aways.

Now they have a week between wolves at home and fulham away before facing spurs 3 days later.

Guarantee every cunt is suddenly fit and they stroll to victory.

We’re gonna win. That is all.



I tought this could be one of the trickiest games in the run in even a while ago, now I’m even more convinced this will be a very hard game, possibly the hardes one left.

We haven’t been on our top level lately, especially the last night… If we show up on Tuesday the way we did the last night we surely won’t win the game.
But I’m quite hopeful we have been saving some stuff for Chelsea and have more in the locker left.

They have shown, again, they can be a very tough opponent even for the best in this league… Probably deserved to win the game yesterday. If only Jackson had the finishing ability of an average 12 year old CB they would have done it…

They have nothing to play for, they are relaxed. Nothing better to cheer up their season a little bit than to mess up the bussines to one of the title contenders.

A top perfomance needed.


We’re not particularly strong at home this season so I doubt we’ll just role them over with ease.

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This. It’s going to be a very difficult game for us. Nervy 1-0 win for us, unless we give away a pen.

Hope Chelsea get a red card early on to ease the game for us.

We’re due playing 10 men after being fucked by VAR so often.

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It will still be 11 men. 10 players + 1 ref.

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A month or so ago I’d have thought this would be really comfortable, but they have looked less shit recently, specially Palmer. Think we win, but maybe a close game… 2-1 :tierney2:

Huge match.

I feel like if we win this we’ll also beat Spurs. It’ll be a big confidence boost and we’ll have five days to recover. But I’m not very confident about winning this one.

We could use a jammy set piece goal or two here. It’s been forever since we scored that way.


Hope Caicedo gets a red card, he gets away with absolute murder in the league.

I fear he will try to break our players legs, like he tried to in previous ties.

Palmer and Gusto have been chelseas two best performing players by a mile. Would be a nice boost if they are missing.