Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL

all these i got from shewore…
Here are a few that have said what they are doing on final day…
if going to Wembley with or without ticket then this is the place to be…details on ticket…

The George - Free no tickets 1st come 1st served.
The Rocket - tickets £8 (incs 1 drink).
The liquor works (phibbers) - free (1st drink £2 with a flyer)
(The liquor works (used to be Tommy Flynn’s/phibbers) corner of Holloway road and Liverpool road. Free entry, first drink £2 with a flyer (from behind the bar I’m guessing…) then, DJ until 2am)
The pins is free to get in this year, the women bouncer told me on Sunday but it’s 1st come 1st served in there(poster on fb)

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They’re doing a screening at the Emirates again this year so despite my reservations about it in previous years that’s where I’ll be watching. How do people generally smuggle their cans into the Emirates? :slight_smile:

it could all backfire on the club, demos…should be interesting…
take a load of oranges injected with you spirit of choice…
you’d probably have more trouble getting banners in than drink…

the away boyz are doing a river cruise before the final…
suppose you need to get in touch to see what the coo is…
THE AWAY BOYZ‏ @theawayboyz May 10
PayPal details & add for Boat Party

Tickets £20 + £1 per ticket for PayPal charges
Please add £2.50 for reg post

I’ve never been to a screening at ‘Emirates Stadium’ but to be honest it would be fairly low down on my list of venues to watch the cup final.

Any one of the pubs mentioned here have to be a better option surely

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Behind a sofa.


i’ll be at moore spice.

imagine if it kicks off at the emirates…#wengerouts v #wengerins

I will be watching at the supporters club in either Melbourne or Sydney pending my location next weekend.

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On a different note… When we play in Aus the big flag is making the trip…Going to be a decent turnout from UK…
Btw thats me above the r and e…


edited title, may aswell use this thread for the big build up…
its a knockoout!!

Beat these chavski cunts. Thanks!

We’re gonna get humped


If we have a team…

Don’t watch the game, then.

I wont

Pubs will be full of Chelsea in Wallington

Good choice. We have a better chance to win it now :wink:

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As much as we want to win it, this Chelsea team is great. 93 points is ridiculous. They’ll want this double and I think they’ll get it. As usual in big games, I just hope we put up a fight. If we do that we might get lucky.


I’m dreading it absolutely dreading it .

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