Arsenal Vs Bournemouth (Premier League) 3-2

Saturday 2023-03-04T15:00:00Z2023-03-04T16:45:00Z
The Emirates Stadium

Just keeping the good vibes going.

  • Arsenal win
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  • Bournemouth win

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Most goals conceded in the division Bournemouth.

They’re rancid. Not even sweating this game.


5-0 Arsenal

Need to rack up some goals for that goal difference

Play like we finished this game and they’re getting thrashed. Let’s get that goal difference gap with City back to normal.

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Won’t be as well organised as Everton first forty. Partey from the start probably makes the difference and gives Odegaard more confidence to dictate the play.
Another solid win. 3 0.


Gents. It’s time. 6-0. I feels it.


More three point collecting and hopefully valuable minutes for Partey, ESR and Vieira.

damn clicked the wrong one…its gonna be a massacre, i reckon 6-0 maybe even more.

Let’s not hold back I think 7-0

Keep going gunners! Another 4-0

Bournemouth have got the worst goal difference in the PL so this is arguably our easiest home game of the season.

It also gives us another game to close the gap on Man City’s goal difference.

Time to pad those stats. Inflate the GD.

I can only see this being ∞ - 0 to The Arsenal.


Added incentive. If we beat them they can’t overtake us on points. St Bournenhams day.


Saka is the top scorer, Martinelli has been filling his boots and Odegaard got back on the score sheet. Let’s get Trossard a couple of much deserved goals and maybe get Eddie one as well.

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Viera is capable of chipping goals in and ESR was prolific when fit and we haven’t even thought of Jesus’s contribution even if he doesn’t score them he sure as heck makes them a lot easier to score…its gonna be fun in a few weeks.

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I do think Bournemouth are the worst team in the division so it should be comfortable.

Arsenal 3-0 Bournemouth

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Probably also have the weakest manager too.

Pretty positive most here don’t even know who’s their coach. That’s including myself, had to google that one, lol.