Arsenal Vs BATE Borisov (UEL Round of 32 2nd Leg) (Aggregate 0-1)

Thursday 21 February
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 17:55

  • Arsenal win in 90 minutes
  • BATE Borisov win in 90 minutes
  • Arsenal win in extra time
  • BATE Borisov win in extra time
  • Arsenal win on penalties
  • BATE Borisov win on penalties

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Does 1-0 to us take this to extra time? I can see that, us scraping it, Auba on his own without Laca and he’ll probably leave out Ozil again :roll_eyes:

I can’t see it cause I don’t think we’ll keep a clean sheet :laughing:

3-1 win or bust

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A nervy 90 minutes where we cant add to our first goal. They will have a few chances but we survive till extra time but win by 3 then as they tire.

I absolutely don’t want to overstate this as we should have won regardless but not playing in a trench will be the advantage we need in this leg.


I think we’ll smash them on a proper pitch.

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This game is irrelevant. The way we’re playing we’re not getting through the quarter final, let alone winning the competition, so what does it matter anyway?

and our 22 game unbeaten run showed us what? People are way overreacting to this one game… I agree the more troubling issue is the lack of any football quality on the pitch, but this result will mean nothing in the long-run of this season.

I think we’ll win this 3-1 and progress, be interesting to see what happens if we don’t and if Emery is here for a 2nd season.

I honestly think if we lose this and don’t get top 4, he won’t be. That said, I doubt we’ll lose this.

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I do fear a win n ET. Fuck this shit.

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The Europa League is full of shitty teams who make life difficult for you. That’s the reason why it is a shit competition.

I thought Man United were lucky because it was full of shit teams that made life easy for them 2 seasons ago ?

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We are Arsenal.

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Just hope we score a ton of goals, so we don’t have to worry too much about our defence.

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We are gonna still concede though. Hopefully a 4-1 win.

I won’t be surprised if we go out on away goals. Hopefully I’m just being imaginative.

2-1 or smh, them taking the lead from a set piece early on and us scraping a couple of goals towards the end but not enough time for a 3rd.

Do you think Emery’s job would be in jeopardy if we did go out? This is the question I’ve been asking myself constantly since the final whistle.


We’ll win like 4-0 with probably a good performance, then we’ll be shit in the next league game.

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They’ll evaluate him at the end of the season. I’m fairly certain his objective is the CL money so that’s everything they’ll care about. No one at the board of the club cares about any individual result so no individual result will jeopardize his job.

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