Arsenal vs Atlètico Madrid (UEL Semi Final 1st Leg)

Biggest European game we’ve had in years and I can’t wait. Come on you gunners!!! We’re gonna beat these cunts for Wenger.

  • Arsenal win to nil
  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Atlètico win to nil
  • Atlètico win

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We haven’t played West Ham yet. :grinning:

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I didn’t even know we were playing West Ham :speak_no_evil:

re: the Atletico game, I’d take a 0-0 if offered


Just can’t see us keeping out Griezmann

The boys will do it for Wenger!


It’s imperative that we take an advantage to the Metropolitano


Atletico away form is not that great. Can see us winning 1-0.

1-0 :wink:

That’s the fucking spirit my danish bro! C’mon!

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Diego Costa is definitely out for this!

We really need to take advantage of that fact. We’ve been good at home too, and the fans will be fully behind the team. I can see us winning this leg.

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Just keep a clean sheet.
I think we can win this but I don’t think there will be many goals.
I’ll go for 1-0 to us, Ramsey to score.

Yeah. I think the most important thing for us is not to concede. If we draw with goals we might have to score goals at their place.

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I think it’ll be something like 1-1 with it all to play for in the away leg.

That would suck.

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I remember the last time people thought the players would play their best for Wenger.


His 1000th game managing arsenal against Mou’s Chelsea. We had never beaten him before, it seemed the perfect time.

We lost 6-0.

Put simply, I don’t trust these bag of shit players to do a job for us.


There’s no comparison between his 1000th game and the first significant game after he’s announced his departure. imo anyway.


Significant in that we thought these players would play well for him as that was a pretty significant game too.

Point is, thinking these fools will raise their game and not continue to make stupid mistakes (Mustafi) is a mugs game.

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It’s all about tactics though, more so against Simeone’s team. No point us being all motivated and start at 100mph to then get cut apart.

Perhaps it’s me looking forward to the game today and the decent weather but my optimism for this game is actually quite high. I don’t think we will completely crumble anyway :grin:

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It wasn’t really. It was just another game in a season we’d already thrown away.


It was significant to the team (or should have been), players, fans and manager imo.

Anyways, the only thing that gives me hope is that Atletico are also quite flawed this season and have just recently lost 3-0 to Sociedad among other crap results.

Also I suppose that the moral of this season is that sitting back and playing defensive has killed everyone that tried to do it this season.

Fernando Torres masterclass incoming if true.

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