Arsenal vs Aston Villa (PL) 2-1

Arsenal vs Aston Villa

Wednesday 2022-08-31T18:30:00Z
Emirates Stadium
Premier League
BT Sport

Why stop now? Let’s make it 15/15!


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Aston Villa win
  • 6-0 Arsenal

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Sink overrated Gerrard.



If Partey and Zinchenko return it’ll be a comfortable win.

If we have a similar lineup today it’ll be a hard fought win.

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Start of almost three weeks leave for me this. Few beers and three more points for The Arsenal to start it off in style.


In that case, I’ve added an extra poll option :slight_smile:

Everyone needs to vote again though.

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Hahaha funny you say that, I’ve got 3 weeks leave starting Thursday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We will win against these and there slippy manager :red_circle::red_circle:

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Nice :facepunch:

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Nah, Villa are shit.

Fulham just massively upped their game against us.

We’ll beat Villa handily imo

5 nil to make it 5 out of 5.

3-0 COYG!

We gotta rotate here. The schedule is about to get nasty now. Nketiah has to start. Contemplating whether both Jesus and Saka need to sit this one out.

Eddie for Saka for Villa game. Players should be rewarded for making an impact. Either Jesus on the right and Eddie through the centre or maybe give Vieira his debut as well.

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My fear is Jesus puts quite a shift in. Want him fresh for OT.

I hope ESR is ready.


Fucking hell, really need them back for United.


Partey for United is a must. Zinchenko I would be nervous about martial and rashford exploiting him on the break.


Start Jesus and Marquinhos. Sub Jesus for nketiah if were winning at 60 mins.

Jesus is too critical to the attack functioning atm, Eddie looks on it but let’s not risk any points yet by resting him. Lads 25 and got all the energy in the world anyway.

Saka needs a game on the bench and feels like the time to do it.

Marquinhos isn’t getting any league games :laughing:. Maybe we could go with Jesus on the left,Nketiah through the middle and give Vieira his league debut on the right hand side against Aston Villa.

Don’t see the point of playing Jesus and Nketiah together unless we’re trailing like yesterday. We only have two CF so if Nketiah is playing, Jesus should be resting.

Martinelli is also in good form so wouldn’t drop him. Vieira can come in for Saka instead of Marquinhos though, either is fine.