Arsenal v Wolves (PL)

Arsenal v Wolves

Thursday 2022-02-24T18:45:00Z
Premier League
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Another huge game. Wolves will be out for revenge.


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Wolves win

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try to score 6 past them for the celebration remarks


Wolves will park the bus and go for the draw, and I think they’ll get it.

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Yeah we definitely need to do a lap of the pitch every time we score


I’m fully on board with someone’s suggestion on the arseblog podcast this week that if we win we absolutely must have this banger cued up:


This just feels like a draw to me.

An easy comfortable win, 1-0 to us and 2 red cards.


will be a tight affair but they can’t score, so i reckon we’ll take 3 points at home

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And we can?

3-0 to The Arsenal.
We go again .

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Not many, but hopefully enough (prob 1)

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Should Tomiyasu return to the side immediately or has Cedric earned a run in the team?
He’s been one of our better players the last two games, he does offer a lot offensively which has come in handy.
Tomiyasu is far better defensively though. We definitely have missed him in that aspect.
In any other occasion Wolves would come to Emirates and park the bus but I feel they’re still salty over losing and have a bit of a momentum so I expect them coming to win.

If fit, Tomiyasu should play each and every time


There is no world where Cedric should retain his place ahead of Tomiyasu. He’s an awful player, and his attacking qualities are not high enough to warrant any sustained run in the team.

He’s been serviceable but get him the hell out of the team at the first opportunity.


Wolverhampton Wankerers are very much improved under their new manager. It’s a very tough fixture where they will fight hard for revenge and we have a mixed record against them in recent years.

I can’t wait to watch it and I’ll be over the moon if we win. It’s definitely a must win given the hot competition for 4th.

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Surprised Mikel didn’t bring him on for a bit against Brentford? Could have used some minutes.

I’m not confident at all we’ll win this. Facing them so close to the last match is definitely a bad thing for us.
Definitely a massive game.

It also feels like a good opportunity to ball out at home against them after that frustrating and torturous period of defending for our lives with ten men against them.

Though I suppose we had that opportunity against Pool too and went to sleep

If we win I really want us to do a mazza with the celebration


Huh, I was thinking about the Liverpool games as well. :sweat_smile:
I hope it won’t go down that way though because that night was painful.
I guess we have that Wolves is a worse side and our players are actually fit this time.