Arsenal v West Ham (Carabao Cup)


I can’t see us winning this at all, not with the team we’ll undoubtedly field.


If we get to the semi final, it will be interesting to see which clubs field the strongest teams.
It will be an indicator of where the respective clubs priorities lie and what their ambitions are.


The semi finals are two legs, which is always annoying.

Both legs are in January, though, and we have a relatively easy Jan (on paper at least) with Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth, Swansea and Palace, so I’d hope we would put out fairly decent teams. I still wouldn’t fancy our chances, though. I mean, Man City’s second string is better than most team’s first!


Would like to see AMN in midfield and Nelson in attacking midfield but we’ll get boring Coquelin, Elneny, Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott.


Is it confirmed?


Is what confirmed?


The semifinals.


Kola being a reserve by now.


If I have to see a Coq and Elneny pivot one more time… oh wait… :sob:


This XI may confirm the future XI who will face Liverpool: Mustafi as CB, Monreal as LB and Maitland-Niles as mezzala in place of Iwobi who is injured.


Obviously not Luca lol the 1/4 games haven’t even been played yet.

Walcott Giroud Welbeck front 3 :neutral_face:


Walcock’s hattrick. You heard it first :ozil2:


MDC is online

Let’s go.




Good win, always in control. West Ham barely threatened us. Roll on to a big semifinal :smiley:


West Ham were awful. Never troubled our reserve side.

Roll on the Semi.


How was it?

Boring again?

Good win either way tho! First time we have made the semi finals since 2010/11


Not the most entertaining first half, slightly better second half, weathered a few players, alright win. Now to tune in to the Leicecster - City game and hope for a surprise.


It was boring but we were solid at the back for once, partly due to Hammers being shite but stil. We create far too few chances however and it needs to be addressed.