Arsenal v West Ham (Carabao Cup)

Emirates Stadium
Tuesday December 19

Good news:

  • Arsenal win in 90 minutes
  • Arsenal win in extra time/penalties
  • West Ham win in 90 minutes
  • West Ham win in extra time/penalties

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We’re a bunch of bitch ass pussies so we gonna lose

I’d start Laca here.

Fixed :wink:

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Think we’ll crash out. 0-2 West Ham win.

Tight win. Giroud to score the winning goal.

Stick a danish biscuit up your ass.

Boring win from a boring performance.

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Very hard to predict what’s going to happen in this Tie, very 50-50 I’d imagine, either way we won’t get past the Semi Final’s with the sides we have left in the competition.

Couldn’t be arsed how this one turns out.

My eyes are firmly on Liverpool, the gegenpressing c’nts

I care about this one.

I want us to win the José Mourinho treble.

That’s the spirit Jadè! We are in for it :wink:

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If we can’t score past Joe Hart in the anti-form of his life we should retire as a professional football club and build more overpriced flats.


Now you have said that you do realise now he is gonna make de gea look like his little bitch dont you?!

Id go full strength but we probably put half a team out and struggle. We will win but after extra time. This giving us a ready made excuse for the Liverpool loss.
Id take that anyway as this is the bigger game for me.

I don’t think West Ham will send out a weakened side.
This is a realistic chance for them to get a trophy and their recent form is good and Moyes has got them out of a rut.

We are at home, so that’s a big advantage, but it will be close.
It will be interesting to see who Wenger plays upfront.
He might even try Walcott if he doesn’t want to risk Lacazette or Giroud with the Liverpool game next.
I’ll go for 2-1 to us, Walcott and Iwobi to score.

I’d play the big boys tonight, get some goals behind us ready for the scousers but Wenger will stick to his expertise of team managing by playing a weakened team , get beaten heavily, which will take us into the Liverpool game on low confidence which will lead us to getting beaten. Gotta love Le Wanka

Would love for us to focus on this cup for 2 reasons:

  • We have a shit record in this cup;
  • We are in the last-8 so let’s go for it.
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We are going to change at least 8-9 players, and I’d imagine West Ham will field a strong side. Think we will struggle to get a win. Whoever scores first wins this one for me.

If all 4 “big” teams win the semis will be :fire:

Arsenal vs Chelsea

Manchester City vs Manchester United