Arsenal v Swansea (PL)


Unfortunately yes. Arsenal are more important this time.


So… for the first time in many years I’m not able to watch an Arsenal PL game legally. It’s hidden behind NBC’s new pay service called “Gold”. Illegal stream it is…


Welcome to the English world


By the way judging from the reviews of the app, it doesn’t even fucking work lmao. Yeah first time in a long time I’m going to miss out on an Arsenal match but i made the decision I’m just not gonna watch anything, fuck them they won’t get my money for a shitty product.


If the Arsenal fans that attended the games shared that logic we’d be playing in front of very few :eyes:


That’s what should happen if everyone is so upset with the management tbh.


C’mon you Gunners!


I was tempted on captaining Lacazette because Swansea are fucking dog shit and we’re at home.

But then I remembered that it’s Swansea, they’re playing like dog shit and we’re at home so I didn’t.


Neither AMN or Nelson are with the u23’s today for their game, possibly with the first team.






That is our best line up, especially the front three.
It’s a shame we had to wait so many seasons to see Ozil and Sanchez with a decent striker in front of them until the game against Everton.
It should easily be enough to beat Swansea comfortably.
It’s how we do against Man City and spurs that will be interesting.


This makes me sad because unfortunately it’s true


We will be lucky to get a point from those 2 games, so it won’t be that interesting sadly.



Yeah well, they’re not having any points this time. The Swans can waddle back to Wales with fuck all.


Not this fucking time! :sanchez2:


Strong team. I laike


MDC Open!