Arsenal v Swansea (PL)

Premier League
Saturday October 28, 3pm
Emirates Stadium

Not on TV, probably because Swansea are as dull as rice cakes

  • Swansea boast a pretty formidable record at the Emirates Stadium, where they have picked up wins in 2012, 2015, 2016 and held out for a draw in 2014 – only Chelsea boast a better win rate.
  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Swansea win

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Swansea’s record wont count for much at the Emirates this time, 3-0 Arsenal.

:rage: still fucking makes me mad.

At least Swansea play football though. The most likeable of all our bogey teams.

I’m gonna be hungover as fuck on Saturday as I have a Halloween night out tomorrow.

Don’t make it worse Arsenal plz.

AÖL MASTERCLASS NEEDED AGAIN :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Worth noting that Swansea’s only left back got injured on Tuesday (yes, they only have one!) so that’s going to be their weakness.

I think we’ll win. We’re in good form, we’re on a massive run of three games unbeaten :smile:

I think the Villa have a great record at the Emirates too. 3 wins.

Incredible that one of our bogey teams is plying their trade in the championship

Bolton beat us regularly enough too. Arent they in league 1 now?

Kevin Davies use to haunt my nightmares.


Nah they got promoted. They’re now rock bottom of the Championship. They’re the only team in that league who have been worse than Sunderland this season.

Going to the Emirates! C’mon Arsenal!


How’s your record for matches attended? Mostly wins? Any horrendous losses?

Only loss against Liverpool in 2011

Arsenal-Stoke 2-0 2009
Arsenal-Blackpool 6-0 2010
Arsenal-Everton 2-1 2015
Arsenal-Stoke 3-1 2016


We have to win this because the two games after are against the two best teams in the PL.
So we need a good performance as well to keep our confidence up.

Should be pretty comfortable against a poor Swansea team.
I’ll go for at least 2-0 Lacazette and Ramsey to score.


Should win this with ease

Be nice to get a couple of early goals to settle the nerves and then kick on in the 2nd half and get the goal difference looking good

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Hope Fab hasn’t the game of his life :xhaka:

Are you taking a banner.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What? :expressionless:

Does this mean I’m going to have to look on BBC Football for the scores rather than your updates on all the games?


Pointy elbows and an oblong head. His consistent shithousery against us was truly horrifying.

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They certainly did at one point, but I’m pretty sure that time ended a while before they got relegated.

I’ve been pessimistic with predictions lately but I can’t see anything other than a win here.

I’ll probably still chuck a few quid on a Swansea win or draw double chance :joy:

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