Arsenal v Swansea (PL)



we seriously need a better goalkeeper, what is with us and shit goalkeepers. Cech fair play isnt shit but fucking hell he makes so many mistakes with us and there are so many goals that get scored that he can do so much better with and ultimately save.


My good record still stands. After a crap first half, we completely dominated the second. Kolasinac was a class above everyone else today.


His reflexes have gone.


Considering we’re going to be raped in our next two games, I’ll take those 3pts with glee.


Good win. Now onto the two massive away games in the next two weeks


We are at home against Tottenumb :xhaka:


He was clearly talking about the big away game at Burnley :slight_smile:


dayum we really should be on 25 points right now if not for getting fucked no lube from the refs. Tells me Wenger is the right man for the job tbh.


Ah Swansea Swansea Swansea


Glad we got the win in the end and we deserved it after the second half. You could still see all our same old flaws getting exposed from time to time though :grimacing:


Easy mistake to make. Really no need for the fucking xhaka face was there?


Theres another side to this though, because he’s still of a certain class where he can pop up and make extremely importantly saves at critical moments.

When Per fell on his arse today he practically gifted Swansea a 2-0 half time lead if not for Cech pulling off a 1v1 save.

A couple of seasons ago we were crying out for someone who can bail us out and he certainly can despite shakiness at times.


Looks like he’s called the tank for other reasons aswell… :joy:


:cech: :henry2: