Arsenal v Man Utd (PL)

Arsenal v Man Utd

Saturday 2022-04-23T11:30:00Z
Premier League
Live on BT

Will we finally beat these awful pricks? Surely now is the perfect time.


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Man Utd win

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Well I guess last night was exactly what we needed for this game

Edit: why the fuck are we playing at 12:30 on Saturday when we played Wednesday evening?!

Surely they should give us at least until 4pm or the Sunday


6-0 Arsenal.


Last night has gotten my hopes up for this game which means we’re losing 2-1


I can’t wait for this game now :grin:

Same performance and team please.

Don’t let us down again lads I beg. Let us stick the knife further into these manc twats.

COYG :red_circle::red_circle::red_circle:

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Fucked if I know what’ll happen, but what I do know is we need a win to have a chance at Champions league football.

Whatever happens, its gonna be a tense Saturday in my house. One of us will likely need to tread lightly with the other.

A loss would upset me more, and I’d sulk for the rest of the day, so probably for the best that we get a result.


United are in an absolutely terrible state.

All it should take is some sustained early pressure and they will fold. Anything less than 3 points will be another classic missed opportunity.

United have too many egos and individuals who set out to do something on their own. Lot of turnovers, lot of spaces left vacant and lack of cohesion all over the pitch.

Maguire is shot to shit at this point. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for him.

We pressed high and hard against Chelsea. Repeat that versus United and we will win. Need the same intensity levels.


Ten Hag confirmed for next season, so they can now completely stop playing for Rangnick


I think we’ll win this fairly comfortably because I can’t remember seeing a worse Man U side.
They have too many players that know they won’t be there next season, that are just playing out the rest of this before they leave.
They don’t play as a team and there seems to be a lack of togetherness about the whole club so, if we score early, we might even win by a few goals.


Must win game this given how shit they are. Don’t think we will be getting an opportunity like this to thrash United again anytime soon. Their defense isn’t any better than the one that Chelsea had, so we should be able to capitalize on it and grab a couple or so goals. Just need a good performance from our own defense. I’m going with a 2-1 or 3-1 win.

We need at least 2 wins from our next 3 games to stay in a decent position for Top 4, though anything more than that would be a bonus as I really don’t see spurs beating Liverpool.


Watch these game raising c£&@s bring it to us - just hope we do them for once !?

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Is Ronaldo back?

He trained yesterday

Game looks so easy on paper. Opponent being shit and demoralized etc…

I dunno, from my experience this is the exact kind of game that Arsenal will do their usual charity works. Just look at Brighton and Soton before they met us. Plus this is United with Ronaldo. Sigh.


I have been given two tickets on club level for me and my son. Just hope it’s worth taking the day out in London to beat these Utd tossers.


Nice one! Enjoy the day

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Big one… another 3 points goes a long, long, long way to recovering to form and possible top 4. Think we nick it, just need another really solid defensive organized performance, no fuck-ups, and catch them on the break - they are vulnerable as fuck and pretty dysfunctional so feeling pretty good.


Fucking Ten Haag announcement is gonna make these manc cunts play out of their skins now.

we lose to a harry maguire header :gabriel: :henry2:

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