Arsenal v Man United (PL)


Strangely enough, I do agree that Koscielny has always been overrated by Arsenal fans. He’s definitely above decent and has been one of the best CBs in the last half decade of the PL. I just always felt he lacked the concentration of an elite CB and that’s always what held him back from being world class to me.

When he first arrived I saw shades of some great defenders in his ability to read the game and snuff out danger but I don’t think he’s improved on the mental aspect of the game enough.

One of the best CBs in the PL, and for me he certainly deserves a spot in any discussion of best defenders to play unseen Wenger. He just falls short of world class for me.


De Gea was absolutely phenomenal yesterday though probably the best keeper performance in PL history.

Was actually the best PL game I’ve watched in ages just a massive pity we fucked up at the start. 33 shots on goal and only 1 goal to show for it is absolutely incredible. Should have had two penalties and Xhaka missed an sitter and there was always a Utd defender blocking the shot at the last minute. So annoying lol


If that match gets replayed ten times, we would win or draw 8 times.

The number of chances we had was quite incredible. A lot of them were sloppy, penalty box scrambles but nonetheless it’s bordering on miraculous we only put one in the net.

33 shots against United is something that rarely happens and is testament to how much pressure we put them under.

Notwithstanding the above, two silly individual errors were punished and that was the difference. Should never have been 0-2 down in the first place. The first goal against Mourinho’s cunthouse teams is always pivotal. You concede first and you completely play into his game plan, and it’s happened so many times now it’s become a joke.

Our record in big games is a shambles but against United it is an utter disgrace to humanity. Another loss to chalk up on the head-to-heads against these fuckfaces.


Not to defend Wenger who i want gone, but apart from Liverpool, we haven’t been outplayed at all during the big games this season.


Who mentioned Liverpool?! Thats another nightmarish scenario. Counter-attacking, gegenpressen c’nts. Just when we thought Wenger had mourinho’s number, up pops Klopp. We’re desperately overdue a win against em but it ain’t gonna happen on the 23rd.

Merry f’ckin Christmas :frowning:






Not to put blame on some one (errrr…) but I wonder why this happens again and again vs Mourinho. I don’t give a shit about two mistakes making us go 0-2 down, because we dominated them and should have won with the chances we created. We always find some shit way to loose, that I have a hard time feeling it’s a coincident anymore.


At least we’ll always have this moment


I had the game on as I was getring ready to leave and i watched the first 10 minutes, plus I had the game on the radio in the car. So yeah the game frustrated the shit out of me personally. I didn’t sit there and watch every second as I would normally do.


I am learning spanish while driving. After 2 weeks, I can tell ‘a’ means ‘to’


Ian Wright going full yer da hard brexit


We surely do.


The bloke wasn’t even having a dig, Wrighy got the wrong end of the stick lol



Apart from two early mistakes we should have won that easily.

I can’t believe Alan Shearer said that Man U were brilliant in attack and going forward.
He didn’t mention that we, made thirty three chances, De Gea was man of the match and made more saves in that game than any other GK this season.

As for Mourinho, how can anyone take him seriously?
Why didn’t the interviewer ask him how they got away with an obvious penalty decision, and that it was only their GK that won them the game?

What other team has had that many shots against Man U. and how many times has Mourinho been the manager when so many shots were against his team?

I just hope Man City do to them what we should have done.


When Mourinho is committed to park the bus and to defend, be honest ourselves here, it is very difficult to break his defense.

I see it this way… Why do we always have to put ourselves into difficult situations, fall into Maureen’s planning, and do the mission not-quite probable??

We had that many chances because they parked the bus, committed to counter attack.
It’s been a long time that we cannot unlock tight and crowded defense.
Watch the last 10-15 minutes, look at our players… All were extremely static and waiting for Ozil (and or Sanchez) to make that killer pass or game changing goal.
How could we make things happen if the off ball movement was close to zero???

Why are we so vulnerable to counter attack???
I don’t know why…
Even the shortest team in the league can give us real threat if counter attacking us.

De Gea did not win them the game.
We lost them actually.


Hmm I wonder how that sequence comparison would look if it only included genuinely good efforts/chances and not the dogshit that De Gea could save in his sleep. It was piss easy save after piss easy save (especially for him) with one or two decent stops sprinkled in there. It was just the sheer quantity and regularity of them that’s made it look like De Gea was some God incarnate in that game. People are even saying this was the best GK performance in PL history which is absurd. It’s probably not even De Gea’s best ever performance when looking at save quality/difficulty.


We rallied and played really well in the last hour of that game. First half an hour though with them 2 up we couldnt handle them from midfield and they could have been 4 goals ahead. Schoolboy errors gifting them easy goals and not for the first time we where not ready at the start for a big game.
Concede 3 goals in a game you likely lose. Bright spot is we didnt capitulate Anfield style. Five defeats though is too many and cause for real concern.