Arsenal v Man United (PL)


Really don’t know how you can rate this guy so much @A.F. Shocking performance from United. For all the talent they have I don’t really see them going anywhere…


Are they that talented though ? Aside from Pogba and De Gea how many world class players do they have ?


I rate their squad. Lukaku (I don’t like him, but I have to admit he’s a good striker), Matic, Pogba, Martial, Rashford (also rate him), Valencia (one of the best RBs in the league if not the best)…


Yeah not saying they don’t have a good squad, I just think they only have 2 bonafide world class players that’s all.


Which team in the PL have more wc players then?


Not many in the world really. Sometimes it makes me laugh when you see fans demanding we need 3 world class players. The reality is domestically even the champions usually dont have that.


Yeah you make a good point, no one really does, makes the managers job all the more important I suppose…


United buy more good players than most though, they still spend more than anyone next to City. Are u susrprised that city spend 1/2 a billion and are way ahead, united spend almost as much, and now Chelsea still buying but not as much has dropped to third? I’m not.


I thought you would be surprised, I remember in 15/16 when 81 points won the Title I said we missed our only opportunity to win it, you said that would be become the norm for title winners with how competitive the EPL is.


Lol. How many years has this shit been happening, and Arsenal fans been saying this kind of stuff.

We lose these games but are convinced we were the better team. The reason United sat deep is because they could. The two early goals are what set the tone of the game. Obviously against Mourinho at home we were going to have all the play when they’re holding an early 2-0. We’ve outplayed and lost to many a Mourinho style team over the years.

We conceded three goals (third was a ridiculous mistake too) and were fortunate for one to bounce the right way off the post when the keeper was nowhere to be seen. That’s three goals we did concede and one we really could have, so there’s nothing easy about it.

We had a lot of shots and a few good chances but it still could’ve been something more like 3-4 or 3-3 and if we had equalised or taken the lead I’m sure the United performance would have changed again.


It’s funny how easily people discredit what others do in order to make their own achievements better than what they really are.

As if United would have allowed so much pressure if they weren’t 2 goals up.
As if they wouldn’t have broken us back as soon as we managed to score. Oh wait, that did happen so it’s not even an if.
As soon as their advantage was threatened, they’d get it back, but as long as they were in in the lead, they were happy to absorb the pressure and rejoice in our inability to put chances away and our defensive fragility.

Before the game people were saying how Mourinho would park the bus again etc. but it was clear as day we are the only so called big team he would afford to come at from the go because he knows exactly how fragile we are and he knows he can win the game in the first quarter of an hour.

Like it or not, he has Wenger’s number.


I keep on saying Ian Wright is one of the biggest melts going. Should keep his shit opinions to himself more often.

Don’t know why the BBC keep giving him airtime.


Well they give airtime to Garth Crooks, so Ian Wright is the least of their troubles.


Why is this a question?

They have enough quality to challenge for the title, and 35 points (+26 GD) after 15, would be enough in most seasons.

They weren’t shocking throughout the entire game either. Comfortably the better team during the first 15, and then they got outplayed (and should have conceded more) for about 50-55 minutes before they managed to regain control of the game.

I think, even Atlético and Juventus, would struggle to defend against an in-form Arsenal team that is attacking with pretty much their entire team. You have to rely on some luck and last ditch defending, when teams are pushing forward like that.


This is right.
As well as we played, and as many chances as we had, he still came out on top like he usually does.
It’s as if Mourinho knows what Wenger is going to do every time he plays him.
You would think after so many attempts Wenger would do something different.