Arsenal v Man United (PL)


How were Pogba and Lingard allowed to run clear at our defence at 2-1? What other top team other than Liverpool would allow that to happen? We couldn’t even keep the shape even when we were back in the game and well on top. We are a shambles. This team never learns from any of its mistakes and the team and the manager are 100% to blame. We can say United were lucky all we want but this shouldn’t be classified as a good performance at all.


No fucking way this was a “good” performance


Both teams were poor but they won.

My only consolation is that United aren’t going to win anything major this year and Mourinho’s going to leave them sooner rather than later as his ego can’t take being in the same city as a Guardiola side that has his outclassed by miles.


Does anyone else want to put this guy into a pot and boil it, and then bury it in the ground, and then dig it up and break it into pieces and throw it into an ocean?

Edit: just to clarify, I mean Jose, and not Samuel. He is a nice guy :grin:



Glad I had something really fun to do today saved me the heartache I’m sure I’d be feeling rt now if I’d have sat through that shower of shit masquerading as a football match. City will put United to the sword next week, no worries.


Well to be fair, after being 2-0 up away from home, most teams would setup to absorb the attacks & play on counter.

Fuck Jose indeed.


Wow! He has a dig at us even when he wins. What a sad cunt. C’mon Pep! 10 goals next week!


There was no masquerading, that was a very enjoyable football match. You missed out to be honest. Easily one of the best this season, if you enjoy the stereotypical end to end, anarchic Premier League match

Tough for you to have such a bold opinion about a match you didn’t see.


I’d be more annoyed with his diving comments tbh. This one seems to be the usual post match Mou talk. Nothing special.


This is man is envious of Wenger because speaks well and is very likable, while Mourinho is someone who drinks beers and works at the harbour.


We are infinitely better with 4 at the back btw.

4-3-3 or a a 4-3-2-1 would be good.

Would love to keep the attacking three of AOL and have 3 midfielders behind them.


I get what you’re trying to say but what’s wrong with drinking beer and working at the harbour?


Nothing. Just trying to explain why Mourinho is envious of Wenger. Basically, Wenger is still highly respect in football, while Mourinho not, despite all the trophies he has won. That’s make Mourinho fuming.


Mourinho is highly respected lol. And very respected at that too.


Yeah, we can free all our attacking talent.


I’m envious of Jose because he’s only lost 1 in 16 league matches against Arsenal.


So why does he always talk about Wenger, while Wenger doesn’t give a fuck about him?


2 years ago, but still standing.


No complaints about our attacking performance, we gave everything. Koscielny ruined the game, always thought he was quite overrated when people called him WC. Decent is as far to describe him