Arsenal v Man United (PL)


We get it. shut the fuck up saying the same thing.



Just another fuck game.
Fuck, so fuck.

Fucking careless defensive mistake.
Fucking miserable sideway passing.
Fucking stactic and can’t penetrate.
Our players are fucking weak in one on one situation.
Where the fucking sense of urgency was??

Yes, we should get the penalty (Welbeck) and could have tied the game… But this was just a fucking bad game overall.
No fucking positive at all.

When it is time to clear the ball, fucking clear it.
We are just so fucking obsessed on holding the ball, for fucking too long.

Overall, you did not miss much.


what game were you watching? We had chance after chance it was that cunt de gea and last ditch defending that made it that we didnt score at least 5! This game was actually one of our better games apart from 3 horrendous bouts of defending, attacking wise i say we were damn good shame their goolkeeper was playing like peak buffon!


Piss piss pissing piss piss and PISS


I watched the same game you watched.
As I said, can’t penetrate.
United took their pants off already, and we could not score a shit.
The only real WC save by De Gea was the shot off Laca and blocked Sanchez rebound.

The team only worked hard for about 10 minutes after Laca scored… That’s it.
When we were down 1-3…how static we were?? How pathetic our off the ball movement was???
Everybody was looking for Ozil and Sanchez to create magic but nobody made the off ball movement.

Good game??? Come on!!!


How was that Darmian (fucking italian)'s foul not penalty? Manure still buying the referees.


Whelp - couldn’t watch as I had to help parents with their Christmas tree, but this is so frustrating… by all accounts we should have won had we not committed suicide (again)… on the other hand, we do tend to commit suicide every once in a while and you don’t win too many games letting in 3 goals… really disappointing.

I reckon we are in a 3 horse race for 4th… at this moment I give us the edge over Spurs (didn’t think I would be saying that lolspurs) and I just don’t trust Liverpool… I feel there are lots of twists still to come. Exciting and interesting to watch, despite how frustrating we can be and how irrelevant we are to the actual title.


We played well, just didn’t have that killer instinct up front, had probably the worlds best keeper to beat and had 2 defender make 2 massive fucking cock ups that lead to 2 goals within 10 mins

God only knows what Kos and Mustafi were thinking. Cost us massively and they are the sort of errors that this team have in them. It’s why we won’t be challenging and I still think we will struggle to make top 4

Dominated possession, had 33 attempts at goal but we all know that means nothing if you can’t score

It’s just bloody typical of us to lose to a Mourinho team that normally sets up to defend. Giving them a 2 goal start with such stupid mistakes made it an impossible job


This guys tweets says it all. Fuck José


How do you even concede 2 goals to fucking Lingard… smh


I am still angry. Yes our defence made a couple of mistakes. But my hips don’t lie…

We were all over them, we used that goal as target practice!


Exactly. He slightly better than Walcott. I just hope Josè retires soon. He has ruined our club pair with Wenger.


Is there a bigger dick in the world?


Just woke up from a couple of hours nap, it has done anything to make me any less fuming. I think I’m more annoyed as it was a big game that I didn’t expect to lose going in, I should have known better,


Two MAJOR defensive fuck ups cost us dearly. What the actual fuck were we doing starting so carelessly. It really doesnt matter if you have 50 shots and their keeper plays a blinder - we put ourselves in the position to chase the game by being a bunch of inept cunts from the off.

Winds me up that we can clearly be such a force going forward but still have mental fuck ups at the back.

De Gea though was on another planet today, an inhuman performance and the best I’ve ever seen a keeper play against us or in Prem history in a single game.

The Mourihno curse goes on, wanker.


All the keepers tend to have the game of their life against us, tbh. It’s like they will receive a bonus if they put in Buffon performance.


I was vacuuming my carpets at 5.30pm. I feel I made the right decision.


You will have to support this prat in Russia :wink:


Mourinho: “Arsenal players love the grass”.

Pathetic TWAT!. You have destroyed football and us. GTFO!

Sorry, but this man is unbearable.