Arsenal v Man United (PL)


Defensive mistakes aside, we absolutely dominated that game. 75% possession, 33 attempts and two absolutely shocking penalty decisions that the ref didn’t give, and I’m putting this down to being unlucky. We should of won that game.

I feel particularly aggrieved by the refereering decisions, I absolutely can’t believe that the linesmen at least didn’t see the Wellbeck one. Why won’t they introduce camera technology? Seriously anyone watching that on a screen could instantly tell the ref that was a penalty.

Feel like we got robbed, really do.


The thing is it wasn’t bad shape that cost us our first two goals. It was a horrible pass from Koscielny and a smart finish from Valencia. And the second was frankly embarrassing defending from Mustafi.


Reminds me of the 2-1 loss against them at home to Van Gaal where we fucking battered them but De Gea was a god and they got two sucker punch goals. Fucking cunts. Absolutely gut wrenching how we conspired to lose this.

It’s encouraging enough for the rest of the season though, our two errors were magnified by a very good team today and we played fairly well for most of the match.


Welbeck one was such a clear penalty.


Has Wenger punched Mourinho in the face yet?


Even the Lacazette one, that was a shocking tackle. I can’t believe that wanker Mariner just waved it off, the guy had his fucking studs up and just took him out.

The score line does not reflect the result at all imo, we deserved a draw at least and that’s factoring the easy goals we conceded. But like some one said, the response gives confidence for the rest of the season. Hopefully we can put this behind us and maintain our performance levels.


How did we lose that?! :joy::joy:

ffs should have got at least a point. Shithousing win from Utd


Meh, we go on a run & then a big loss(regardless of manner) fuck us up, especially with new year schedule coming in.
I have no such hope.

That said, Ozil, Sanchez, Laca are forming good chemistry so I am looking forward to that.


Every loss against United feels undeserved. They are so lucky against us.


FUCK , fuck , fuck fuck fuckerty fuck


Haven’t posted in a while but felt particularly gutted after this game.

My biggest problem with this arsenal team
going forward is Ramsey and Xhaka, not sure why Ramsey feels he can shoot from range, I can’t remember him scoring outside the box, and because of him Xhaka feels like he can have the occasional pop as well.

Ramsey is to goal hungry, and misses the opportunity to pass because he wants to get goals for himself, so a lot of times Lacazette doesn’t get the service.

Xhaka is just a liability he’s not good enough defensively and rarely ever contributes attacking wise, I feel like this magnifies our defensive frailties.


Mourinho with his usual antics. Such a sad prick. Punch him in the face.


Thought you weren’t going to comment? :shushing_face:


I would but I have a restraining order


I find it amazing that the players that are the worst have the biggest appetite for shooting but the players that need the service and probably are the most likely to score do not get it and chances get wasted from the people that are meant to be providers. This team desperately needs better coaching.



Xhaka :man_facepalming:t5:This game needed to be more focused


So true


Josè has opened his big mouth again.


Mourinho, i am gonna punch you in the face for Christmas.