Arsenal v Man United (PL)


that gonna be his special christmas gift from you eh :giroud:


Last 3 games I’ve focused on Ramsey, and honestly so much of Lacazettes intelligent runs and of the ball movement goes missing.

Then there’s the continueous long shots, every game he goes for glory, any time the ball comes to him outside the box you know he’s going to shoot. Wether there’s an opening or not, he goes for goal. It’s ridiculous.

I’ve noticed that even Sanchez doesn’t like playing Lacazette in, couple of times in the first half of the Huddersfield game, Lacazette was open and on goal and Sanchez passed back out wide to Ozil so he could move in himself.


Haven’t watched the game back yet. Let me guess…lots of possession around the box for us…gut punch counters for them.


I do hate him so much :sanchez2:


Ehm…De Gea MoTM.


I honestly feel that Alexis should be sold he is not a team player he only plays for his own glory and ozil is his fucking enabler most of the play goes between those 2 in the final 3rd and no one else gets quite as much service. We need a team that is unbiased and works with fluidity not 2 fucking players that keep on searching for each other 90% of the time. If alexis goes ozil might go to but we will be better for it we play better as a team…but if ozil stays he will probably be passing to others more freely. At this moment in time it feels like 2 players feel they are above everyone else in that team so whenever the ball gets to them the team play goes out of the window it is stifling.


I’m happy with that performance bar Mustafi and Kosceilny’s utter feck ups. Everyone played their socks off and chance after chance was created. Their goalkeeping and defending was excellent as was there counter attacking. When you lose and you perform well barring those issues I don’t think you can knock the team too much.


Lol first kick of the game in mdc I said we’d lose and probably lose because of some bull shit. Left after 11 minutes cause i had plans but I didn’t need to see more. Sounds like we got fucked by refs some more to compound our self destructive actions on the pitch, also sounds like a fun 2 hours!!!


How was Coco?


About to start in 30 minutes, been hanging in Hollyweird for a bit :grinning:


I also switched off after the 2nd goal but fair play to the team. By all intents and purposes they played exceptionally well from what I’ve been told.

Bring on the next game and kick on is what I say. Who is it? Southampton?


Yep, Saints away. Want a 10-0 and celebrating every goal to bastard cocksucker fucker Mourinho.


Let me know if it’s worth watching. It’s not released in the UK until mid January :neutral_face:


Lol ok for sure, pixar movies are usually pretty good.


We will struggle at Southampton, they have picked up a little as of late.


We always struggle at Southampton. All i can take solace from is the fact that, historically, Wenger doesnt lose the next game after a defeat against a big team. At worst it should be a draw.


After watching game in a bar full of United fans (in LONDON), all I will say is I hope Pep and City smashes them next week!


Punched them in the face?


You missed a pretty breathtaking game of football.


I watched the 6-0 Chelsea Arsenal game at Stamford Bridge, in the Chelsea end. So think yourself lucky. It was a proper season ticket area. So the guys around us just figured that my mates’ mate couldn’t go and had replaced him with me. So when I didn’t celebrate the goals and was furious about the Gibbs/Ox fiasco, they kinda caught on. Thank fuck I was a girl.