Arsenal v Man United (PL)


Thank god neither the french lump or the world greatest non-scoring striker start.


Take that back




MDC open. Let’s do these cunts!!




fucking cunts


People can say what they want about us dominating the game, reality is united have just done something we never do, win and score 3 goals in a big away game.


That was a humiliating defeat. We had zero respect for defending and deserved to be punished. Infuriating game for us really.


The kitchen sink plan failed miserably.


Biggest robbery since 1963


Naive as fuck.


For all the shots we had hardly any of them were good chances or all that testing for De Gea. That’s what happens when all a team has to do is sit back and wait for one easy break.


Our squad or theirs? :thinking:

Is anyone surprised? The team were up for it in a derby which is the easiest thing to have motivation for plus Spuds are off colour at the moment. They’re in good form as of late but it hasn’t been against the toughest opposition, we scraped past Burnley and smashed a newly promoted side.

These games are always the litmus test and we’ve come short yet again and what pisses me off is that they didn’t even have to work for it.


When you have a manager with no attention to detail for the defensive side of the game expect these type of results over and over again


The start to the game was just comically bad. We saw mistakes against Huddersfield too but they just weren’t good enough to punish us. United were ruthless there.




I don’t get why do those stupid passes that weren’t even necessary!!! Hardly any pressure boom 2-0


Sorry, but this is ridiculous. We tried. You can’t deny the team that.


Roll on to Southampton. Don’t want to comment on it.