Arsenal v Liverpool (PL)

No way we beat Klopp, we just can’t do it. This is where our run comes to an end.

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We beat them in July 2020 at this very stadium :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s been a while since we’ve played 2 games in 4 days. Think a tired Arsenal squad struggles against these on Wednesday but you never know.

On form we’re right up there and a good team.

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We beat Klopp when he was at Dortmund a couple of times as well, right?

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Definitely beat him at Dortmund in a group stage CL game but I don’t recall the other time…

We’ll beat them .


We are playing our next fixture in 3 days and not 13 days?

Makes a change

Mane to get away with a couple of elbows. Xhaka to be sent off for wearing the wrong colour of shinpads.


Surely we can’t be tired


About time we give someone a proper thrashing, 4-0 to us.


Liverpool mates asking me how many Arsenal players I’d put in a combined eleven.

I said none of ours would make the front 3, despite rating Saka highly he isn’t starting at Liverpool.

I’d have a midfield trio of Fabinho, Partey and Odegaard.

You could make a case for one of our CB + Ramsdale but I’d still have to give Matip and Allison the edge.

Obviously thier fullbacks are clearly better.


I also think that’s completely fair, liverpools back 5 and front three are probably the best in europe for the past few years now. No shame in that.

I hate this match up. I think too many of our strengths and weaknesses are similar to theirs but their players are just better. Specifically with the wide threats and adventurous full backs, a colossus midfieder who holds it all together, solid CB pairings but both having particularly weak defensive RB’s and in our case a weak LB as well at the moment.


How’s it not completely fair ? It is what it is.

I’ll do no shame in it as Liverpool are a bonafide top 3 side in the world as things stand.

You may wanna read it again :smiley:


We won one at home and one away. Possibly not in the same season.

Hahaha fuck don’t mind me. Starting to see things after limited sleep watching Arsenal last night :joy:. My apologies @Gunnerpr

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Correct they were different seasons.

Ramsey got the winner at Dortmund when he was on that hot streak I remember that.

I think the game we won at home Yaya Sanogo got on the scoresheet :joy:

Indeed. I was there for that Sanogo master class :grinning: Alexis scored a cracker from the edge of the area too.

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Really shows how far we’ve came in such a short time that you’re able to include any of our players. It wasn’t that long ago that it was hard to fit any of our players in to these combined 11s when we were comparing ourselves to City, Pool and Chelsea.

I think Mikel’s done a fantastic job but make no mistake our squad was complete dogshit for the last 3 or 4 years


Really makes you realise the massive hurdles facing Emery and then Arteta when they took over.