Arsenal v Leeds (PL)

I’m intrigued to hear how the song sounds when the fans are singing it, I think it has potential but comes across a bit mellow and saccharine when Louis alone is singing it.

It does have a mention of Highbury in the first verse which is nice, and I heard there’s been considerations to modifying other words to mention Arsenal more directly.

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Celebrating training like they’ve won the champions league. Disgraceful.



Rambo’s receding hair in full display. Surprised Robbo didn’t hit him with the “You’ll need one(new hairline) soon too” in the post West Ham match interview. :rofl:


Standards are on the floor. Embarrassing. Arsenal OUT !

It gets particularly bad in rainy conditions.

Doesn’t matter how we do it, but anything less than 3 points is unforgiveable.

It’s crunch time and this team has to deliver the fucking goods.

No win tomorrow and we’re basically the same team we were when we kept failing under Arsène in the latter years.

Has the team, the manager, the club progressed? Tune in tomorrow to find out if we’re still cunts who I hate


You’ll face stiff competition from @BigWeng_4LYFE :wink:

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Any news on Ben White?

Saw somewhere that he is unlikely to feature.

Sorry all but I can see a bad bad result
This season is full of twists and turns.
We just can’t raise our game against bottom if not lower teams . We have a bad arrogance when playing lower placed teams .
0-2 Leeds .

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Well, you are right to not be overly confident.
We did lose 3 winnable games before the Chelsea game.
And Leeds are on a fine form.

If we show up with that “bad arrogance” you mentioned we’re gonna drop points for sure.


Arsene’s team never bottled a top 4 race

He wasn’t in any of the training pictures yesterday

It’s really hard to trust them alright. I have faith about this game though

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Any silver lining betting today will be on some sort of draw. I really shouldn’t say this, but I am having a hard time envisaging a loss here.

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I’m going to watch this with my son and my mate Kuljit today followed by an early dinner to celebrate our hoped for victory at a good London restaurant after. If we win we’ll be elated as CL qualification starts to look in touching distance.

Defeat and dinner will taste very bad.

This is arguably our biggest week football wise coming up in a very long time.

I hope super Mik knows exactly what we need today without Kieran at the back and with Eddie in attack.


Sounds like a top bloke already.


Hope you have a nice dinner then and we take the three points!

Pappagone’s in Stroud Green was a restaurant we used to go to before or after a game!

It’s not Saturday but relevant:

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Match day! Time to finally keep another clean sheet. 3-0 win today! COYG