Arsenal v Chelsea (PL)

My first match day thread.

About all these guys deserve.


Jakey Edit:
That might be all the club deserves, but OA deserves better

Arsenal v Chelsea
Premier League
Sunday, August 22, 2021
Emirates Stadium

Kick Off: 16:30

Jakey Edit 2:

What will the result be?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Chelsea win
  • Electrifying should never be allowed to set up a match day thread again

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Looks like a prison yard beat down on paper.

I expect a loss here.

For the players, curious as to which ones show up and play hard trying to make amends for the collective dud from the Brentford game.


I think we’ll play a lot better but still get edged out by a single goal.

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Will we sign anyone substantial before next Sunday?
  • Yes
  • No
  • We’re fucked either way.

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You get the like but this is weak. Not even time/date.


We will beat Chelsea


Expecting a heavy defeat and the crowd on Artetas back

Chelsea are due against Arsenal.


For that to happen, a team needs players of a strong mentality. Barring a few players like ESR, Martinelli, and Saka, all I see are a bunch of pussies who’d get bent for a dollar. Expecting a heavy loss and pressure to really pile up on legohead.

Did the double over them last season with Elneny in midfield both times. I know we look worlds apart in terms of players and manager at the moment, but you never know. Arteta does seem to step it up a bit against the big teams.


Oh definitely. As Arsenal’s record against Man City and Liverpool clearly shows.

Lukaku watch

  • One goal
  • Two goals
  • Three goals
  • None

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Lukaku for Chelsea second time round is just going to be Drogba all over again. Will be the bane of our life.


Yeah this Lukaku is a lot better than the one who left. Just have to hope he is selfless and rather than shooting, decides to tee up an offside Werner instead :sweat_smile:


@Electrifying add a poll bellend. I need to vote for Chelsea before my OCD goes mental.


@Electrifying this thread is proper butchered bruv :rofl::rofl:

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You’re a mod, you can add it yourself like I did with the basic match details lol :grin:

Also, it needs emphasising, this was an inexcusably bad OP @Electrifying. First and last if that’s you’re modus operandi

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These people coming over here and stealing your job ffs

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Poll added

I want Lukaku to be selfish, he’s going to be my FF captain. :grinning: