Arsenal v Brighton (PL)


Cedric LB White RB confirmed

Probably Xhaka at LB.


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Well that’s his Arsenal career dead


Xhaka at LB. Tavares has to be pretty shit if a makeshift LB is being chosen over him when he’s fully fit

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Without injuries, top 4 was ours for the taking. But with injuries, we will be tested. Hopefully a big response from the lads today.

Just hope Xhaka isn’t at LB. As much as I love Saka on the wings, he’s still the better LB option.

Feel for Tavares. Big call from Arteta. Guess a new backup LB is on the list this summer. Tav sold or loaned. He did show some promos early on… can he be coached?

I luv u King Mik, but Tavares should have been given the go today. Whats the point of buying a back up left back, if he aint going to be played when the first choice is out.


Oh lord


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Tbf, I can see an argument that this is a proper tactical thing. With Cedric on the opposite side, he’s doing the overlapping.
Xhaka is there to tuck in and be another midfielder. Like Tomiyasu used to do.

ESR and Martinelli will be doing the offensive work on the left.

Smith Rodegaard about tear that midfield up


Watching Xhaka struggle away at LB is going to be painful lol


Wow… Interesting line up…
I’m always optimistic/excited when I see Ode and ESR together in the midfield in the formations before the game, but usually looks shit on the pitch. Let’s hope it goes better today.

NOT a fan of Xhaka as a LB. :bellerin:

Did fine against Palace tbf. He’ll be ok.

Man Utd really had the audacity to make fun of us for losing to Palace. :rofl:

Yeah might as well give him a run and take whatever happens.

Xhaka is LB is basically waving the white flag wrt the game plan


Skim-read the line-up and thought Xhaka picked up an injury and wasn’t in the squad…

The only positive thing about Xhaka at Left Back is that we can enjoy Smithegaard having fun in midfield while the Xhak sits back.

No Tierney and no Xhaka-Partey midfield that worked so well during our winning run.

Let’s hope this formation clicks straight away.

Come on Lokonga.