Arsenal v Brentford (PL)

Don’t forget Watford

Shit you’re right.

That’s four clubs more deserving of going down.

People act like he has never scored before - by no means prolific but he is due a goal

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I hope he scores too, tbf.

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Brentford have been on a relegation run for some time now. Playing like crap more often than not and the times they play well they make silly mistakes at the back that cost them and can’t score to save their lives.
Toney won’t be available I believe.

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At the very least, the thought of Brentford doing the double over us should be enough motivation to dispatch of these guys.


I don’t see the date & time on the thread title

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Kind of usual with promoted teams. They come in used to winning the previous season, with plenty of confidence and swagger, and then over time they get ground down by the overall higher level of football.

Added. Not convinced. I’ll keep it there for testing purposes.

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It’s ugly. Not a fan


Wait. Saturday 3pm, I didn’t realise I was supposed to complain about lack of tv coverage!


The thread title should be on one line.

I am not happy Robbie

Too cluttered. No thanks

Who cares how it looks, we used to have about a million threads with clown emojis in them and a a couple of threads all with “postponed” in the thread title.

This is concise and useful information, I think it has merit


It’s ugly but it serves a useful purpose and I appreciate it

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Day of the week & Time is not needed.

Just the date and why do we need to add PL?

“Arsenal v Brentford - 19 Feb”

I look forward to everyone else making the match day threads to try out their versions :slight_smile:



Bow to our demands or we won’t participate in your threads.

I think the time is useful info. Guess I can leave the day out though