Arsenal v Brentford (PL)

Arsenal v Brentford

Premier League
Sat 2022-02-19T15:00:00Z

Another short break for us. Hopefully we’ll have Tomiyasu back when we play. Sucks to be without Martinelli, but we should see ESR starting which isn’t bad at all. Maybe a Pepe cameo at last? We’ll see. Another huge game this.


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Brentford win

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Brentford are shit right now so we should put them to the sword.

2-0 Brentford


This should be a comfortable win for us and we might even get a few goals.
I’ll go 3-1 with ESR, Saka and Pepe to score.

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3-0. With none of the goals coming from Eddie or Lacazette.

Yeah Arsenal are winning this, no bother.

Yeah probably the team of choice to being play now.
Think they might give this one a go against us but think even our striker options we win with 3 or more. 4 1.

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Hopefully it’s a comfortable win.

About time we gave someone a thrashing, 2-0 to the Arsenal.


Payback for that awful opening game, must win this.

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3-0 ESR, SAKA and LACA to score :slight_smile:

Starting from November Brentford have only won 2 games.

We smoke em.

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Let’s batter these absolute CUNTS



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@Cristo your boys are going down courtesy of your boys!

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Like after his 10th shot straight at the keeper and he learns you can shoot where the keeper can’t reach :man_shrugging:t5:

Lacazette will probably score with his arse or something. Bumble it into the back of the net :joy:

Nooo stop!!

Burnley, Norwich and Newcastle are much more deserving of going down!

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Oh I just meant in this game. I’d like to see them stay in the Prem.

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Ohhh I see hahaha I thought you meant we were going to relegate them