Arsenal sign five year kit deal with Adidas from 2019



Very exciting. I hope they get the Adidas Originals line involved.

Since PSG is apparently playing in Air Jordan branded jerseys in the UCL, maybe Arsenal could play in Adidas Original branded jerseys (a bruised banana anyone?) next year in the Europa League.


For your information. We are going to win the Europa League. Because Unai Emery.


Who said we will be in the europa? There is no proof of that, lets just say that when it happens.


We’ll be there , rest assured


If that Özil top was our away I’d buy that in a MINUTE!!! :heart_eyes:


All of those mock ups are woeful


That yellow away shirt is sexy. It’s a pity we don’t use that crest any more.


At least these mock-ups are better than the current shite being served up !!


Isn’t all down to a copyright issue?


Copyright, trademark. Something like that.



Maybe a slight thread name change now?


Yeah they need to bring back the old style crest/cannon…


This deal will be the third biggest for now, but soon enough that will get trumped when another big club renews its kit deal.

That being said, the figures being mentioned are far more impressive than the Puma deal, which I thought was a pretty mediocre package even back when we signed it. £60m a year from Adidas is pretty good fucking going though, can’t complain about that.


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I tried to be a smartass and put in a full stop but I was outwitted by the software :bellerin:


Need to bin the top left one ASAP. Don’t mind the top though


Goal understands that the deal, which will run for five years, is worth less than the £60m ($77.3m) a year being reported in America but eclipses the current kit deals that Manchester City (£20m a season) and Tottenham (£30m a season) have at present.


Goal haha, terrible outlet I wouldn’t listen to them


Goal are actually decent now tbh.