Arsenal sign five year kit deal with Adidas from 2019


apparently there is a bonus if we win Europa and are in CL next season.


Unlocking the rare bruised banana skin away kit?


If the deal does happen they need to save that design for when we actually have a decent team.

Don’t want a kit as goergous as that wasted on a dead end season



First half of the season was good watching. I remember Giroud’s brace against Fulham at Craven Cottage in the rain. Dunno why I remember that lol







It would be nice to have an adidas kit for the first time in over two decades, but logically we have to go with the supplier who’s going to give us the most wonga.




is the fee still expected to be £40m a season


£40m+1p offer from Nike on the table!


I don’t mind whoever we get as long as it’s a good deal for us. Let’s face it, I’ve mentioned many times previously that I hate this culture now of kits changing every damn season, so almost feels irrelevant getting used to any kits we wear as the season soon passes and then onto the next design with a minor tweak.

In any case, I haven’t minded us having Puma. The kit we had in the first season of the deal I really liked, so much so was the first home shirt I’d bought in nearly a decade.


Yeah well, some of us have standards :sunglasses:


We are actually getting Adidas. The club just haven’t officially announced it!


@discobot fortune Does Jade have any standards?

Until some random Chinese company come in last minute with an offer :smiley: Is Adidas almost certain?


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it


Discobot is a dick!



Yeah. Arseblog confirmed it on an arsecast earlier this summer


Adidas are the best, hate Nike’s shit efforts too tbh.

Cut and paste fuckboy t shirts imo.