Arsenal sign five year kit deal with Adidas from 2019


That isnt big really, considering Chavski and Manu get far more than that already and they will be coming up to renewal soon too. That is mediocre at best considering how big Arsenal is as a global brand, i am a bit disapointed to be honest.


Chelsea’s deal runs to 2032. Uniteds til 2024. Both received a serious premium for the longevity. If Adidas aren’t enforcing that same longevity it’s not bad tbh.


Oh didnt know about those lengths…geez that is a long time!


Hope this has some truth to it, Hamburg replica needed.


If this is true I like it


ugly kit tbh. The shoulders are meant to be solid red ffs


Really don’t get why anyone cares. People were excited about Puma 4 years ago and now they’re supposed to be shit but I think they’ve given us some decent kits.

They all make some good and some not so good.


Skin tight kits are my thing, so I like Puma for that :grin:

But I want a yellow away kit. Our away kit should always be yellow.




We are not gonna spend them though lol!


Adidas would be a big improvement on Puma. Might finally buy an Arsenal kit after a long long time!


I was a bit too young when we last had Addidas kits. Gutted to miss that era. Can’t wait for it to be revealed :raised_hands:


£40m is kinda shit in my view TBH, how long is that for? Considering the fucking chavs are getting 60m and fucking manu £75 sure we could swing at least 50m


If I remember correctly from reading various sources, their deals are higher as they are locked into a longer contract 10-15 years…Whereas ours will only be around 4 years. I don’t think it’s too bad a deal given the current state of the club.

Edit: So the united deal is a 10 year deal worth £750m and the Chelsea one is £60m a year until 2032. When you consider United being the marketing machine they are and Chelsea’s last decade worth of success like I said I think we’re about where we should be.


i know about the long contracts, it just still feel quite low to me, considering how big arsenal are worldwide i am sure we can do fucking better than £40m it just seems a bit of a desperation deal just doesnt seem value for Arsenal and a huge deal for adidas they are almost laughing at us with that deal.


We’re not the biggest club in their stable. We’re not the biggest club in the Premier League, let alone Europe. We’re not in the Champions League (exposure etc.) and still have gotten 10 million more per year on a kit deal. I’m not sure how you could fault that.


errrm because we have big names on our team with high sales for shirts and a huge worldwide fanbase in the tune of hundreds of millions to sell merchandise to…one of the biggest fanbases in the world. It didnt stop the fucking chavs getting a huge deal when they were 10th in the premier league (yes i know they have also won the epl, but liverpool will be rivalling us for a kit deal and have won fuck all) In a couple of years when the fucking spuds are getting the same amount as us or more people will be saying ‘in hindsight we should have gone for a lot more’


We’re currently ranked 6th behind Barca, United, Bayen, Chelsea, Real Madrid…I really don’t see the issue given the circumstances with Liverpool who have arguably a bigger worldwide fanbase ranked down in 10th.


It’s not worth debating the figures until they’re a bit more widely known. It was 50m two weeks ago and now it’s 40m. It’s people who don’t have a clue putting figures out there for clicks and retweets basically.


Spurs new deal with Nike will be around 25 million per year if you believe the rumoured numbers. That deal started this year. That’s not even close to 40…don’t underestimate how big of a brand Liverpool is worldwide.

It’s been said why Chelsea’s deal is higher.