Arsenal sign five year kit deal with Adidas from 2019


I think that’s more down to the players than the shirts.

Our players had “swag” then, they don’t now


wow when you think about it, before these deals hit i think our yearly revenue was about £420m (if I can remember rightly) now couple this shirt deal and the new Emirates deal I think we could be hitting 500m a year, now there is no fucking reason to be cheap anymore we should be going for far better players than we have etc we can definitely afford to buy 1 world class player a season and the wages if we wanted.

Obviously, we have to attract those players but let’s just hope our new manager will be able to attract them and will actually buy them.


Well yeah, I didn’t see the Nike tick score many goals. I’m just saying on a fashion POV, not an Arsenal POV similar to what was posted a few posts up that Nike/Adidas are more stylish. If Puma gives us more money then great


Yeah, i guess… my favourite kit in recent years is Nike. This one: :heart_eyes:


I’ve been looking forever for that kit, at a reasonable price


Best away kit in like 10 years+

Glad I got mine when I could!


Yeah same, I bought that one as soon as it came out. It’s the only recent away kit I’ve got – nothing can match up to it now, especially not the blue monstrosity we have this season!


I do. Mainly because I don’t give a shit what other people think.


Nah. White away kit Arsenal had in 07/08 trumps every away kit since and before.


Honestly. I felt like the sarcasm was pretty obvious. But apparantly not so…:grin:.


Depends on your size, what you consider a good price and if you demand brand new but

I’ve bought from there before but for something a bit older, so i had no expectation of being able to get a brand new one.

£70 for this badboy



That’s not that bad a price either and im a medium.

Thing is, I’m a massive tightarse (Scottish lol) so even £50 might be a bit much but that page is deffo bookmarked now.

Looking for that and the 3rd team jacket from this season.


Third away kit jacket disappeared all of a sudden :expressionless: Looked awesome. I can’t find it anywhere.


there was a sale on arsenal direct so i think they all got hoovered up


This one?

Beauty of a jacket tbh!


Being a grown man I’m highly unlikely to be wearing any of the new shit, so couldn’t gives two fucks who the new kit supplier is as long as they cough up the money so we can carry on winning the “but we’ve got big money in the bank” trophy.




What a bunch of losers!