Arsenal sign five year kit deal with Adidas from 2019


I’ve always liked Adidas, especially their goalkeeper gear which I was endorsed with. I do however not like their shirts since they got rid of the three stripes all the way down the sleeves. Puma have been nice imho though, but glad we got rid of Nike :face_vomiting:


Finally some kits with swag :sunglasses:


More twitter rumors, saying when Puma is up we are going with Adidas.


Looks like 18/19 is PUMA’S last season either way


Depends on what happens with Wenger. I suspect Puma would stay if a new manager came in.


can’t be having poverty like under armour.

Needs to be adidas or Nike.

I saw Spurs beating us with nike shirts when we had Puma. That was indicative of a power shift more than anything. I remember back when it was the opposite.


I don’t think it was.

I do think some people care far too much about the tiny logo that is displayed on our shirt lol


it was to me. Nike and Adidas are the brands that stand for excellence.

Fucking Rangers here play in Puma. I remember the days when ourselves and United both wore Nike, it was a symbol of the best teams.

Now It’s a joke. The kits are a joke. We need a proper brand now.


Yeah you care way too much :laughing:

You take whoever pays you the most money, which is what we did. Puma offered us more money than Nike, we took it. Obvious decision.

If Nike or Adidas or whoever the fuck offer us more than Puma do then we’ll take that.

Why do Nike and Adidas stand for excellence anyway? I haven’t noticed anything particularly more outstanding about their kits vs other brands


I have to agree, Nike kits i felt (apart from the odd one) were fucking boring and adidas i dont like those 3 stripes they keep on putting down the tops of the arms and down the side of the shirts etc i just find it ugly (my opinion) i dont find there is anything crazy cool about those brands.


Because their trainers cost 40 quid more than Pumas.


nobody wants to wear Puma shit.

they queue for days for the latest Jordans or Adidas shoes!!!

Also, did Frank ocean make a song called Pumas??? No!!

Did Run DMC make songs about Under Armour??! NO


Did Nike offer us £30 million a year??? No!!

Did Adidas offer us £30 million a year??! NO

I honestly don’t care about if people write songs about the company who make our kits, or whether people queue round the block to buy an entirely unrelated product that company also makes. But each to their own lol


I do think kit suppliers matter in terms of producing other products like t-shirts, hoodie and etc.

For a while Adidas was awful at producing that type of stuff. One thing I noticed when Nike supplied Arsenal’s stuff was that there was a serious disparity between the types of products produced for ManU, Juventus and Barcelona and Nike’s other teams like Arsenal and Atletico Madrid. Arsenal got way less in terms of t-shirts, jackets and the like.

It would be nice to be seen as one of the marquee teams that a supplier has under contract. Liverpool certainly have that status with New Balance.

On the whole I just hope this deal isn’t immediately blown out of the water by another team buying themselves out of their current contract and getting a new supplier. It felt like that’s what happened with the Puma deal.


Who cares

Just go with the supplier that gives us the most money. Simples.


From reports I’ve very quickly googled, we earn £30m a year from a deal signed 4 years ago whereas Spurs earn £25m a year from a deal they negotiated in the last 12 months.

From a financial perspective, there has not been a power shift at all. Maybe we can have that debate when their new stadium is built and they actually win something…but until then, we are still enormous compared to them. Using the figures from the Deloitte Money League table, our revenue is 37% greater than them as well.

You can talk about brand prestige but money is a truer measure of where our clubs stand in relation to one another.


Lol o was being a little facetious, which I had hoped yous would have got when I talked about Run DMC etc.

I liked our Nike kits better but it doesn’t cut me too deep that we don’t have them anymore.

If we do lose them I do hope we get Adidas


Nike and Adidas has swag and Puma doesn’t, you have a point


Swag. That’s what we’ve been missing all these years!!!


Well with Nike shirts we won PL’s, with Puma just FA Cup’s. Swag wins :sunglasses: